File Save error with PL 5 open

Workflow is import files into LR Classic, use * ratings to select images. Save sidecar info.

In PL5 (5.2 - 4732) filter on stared images, edit and export as 16-bit tifs to same dir as original. [win 10, up to date]

Sync folder in LR, select file and edit in PS (edit original tif).

Then “Save as” changing name (into same dir).

PS throws error msg “Could not save… because the file is already in use or left open…”

Clearly with a changed name it is not in use. A zero length file is created despite the msg. If I “save as” again and select the zero length file it is created properly.

If PL5 is closed this does not happen.

A subsequent “save as” with a changed name is successful. So it only happens on the first save .

I’ve been using this procedure for many years until recently. I’m not sure which build this started with. I suspect it may be associated with Syncing metadata but since the file does not exist it should not happen.



This sounds like another variation on this problem, which was resolved:

I suggest you contact

Yes, it does look like a bug. Looking to see if others have seen it first.

I don’t have Lightroom so I can’t try to recreate this. @sgospodarenko, can you confirm this is a bug?

It seems to me that it is a DXO problem keeping the Folder contents Open and immediately flagging a new file as open when a system entry is made but before it is written.

I’m not sure that LR is a part of the problem. It creates xmp files only when the image is added to the catalog. This is before that when PS is trying to write a file. So, there is no xmp file associated with this action.


My search did not find this, or any other article.

I’ve now been through it.

I am running the current ver of PL5 (5.2.0) but it is still there.

Differences: Nikon NEF files to 16-bit tif in DXO, edited in PS to tif not jpg.

But I notice a comment about “selected in DXO”…

A few quick tests… this does not seem to make a difference.