Feedback on v3 from anyone

Anyone care to comment on whether v3 is better than v2. At least enough to upgrade?

I have Elite v2 now and it handles all my lenses and cameras except a Sony RX100 VII so I’m still trying to decide if I should upgrade. I have downloaded v3 for trial and will install in next couple days but I’d like to hear from others on what I should look for.

PL2 was a poor realease.
PL3 brings you

  • HSL adjustment - completely redesigned
  • Repair and Clone tool - new interface
  • Local Adjustments - palette and invert masq

PL is an mature software, there will be no revolution to expect.


After evaluating PL3 for a couple of days I will postpone a purchase.
Just to be clear. It’s not a bad release but for my workflow and in my opinion the new features are not worth the upgrade price.

  • HSL adjustments are nice and I like the new implementation but I almost never use it.
  • Repair is much better than before but that is because of it’s previous poor performance.
  • Local adjustment palette is the only thing I really use.

Finally features like the long promised (for October/November) HEIF support are still missing. The upgrade pricing is questionable. Why should I as an Elite v2 customer pay more than basic customer as all additions/new features are identical between both editions?
Currently Mac and Windows versions are not equal feature-wise. EXIF editor ist currently missing in the Windows version.

Long story short. I will wait.

  • Kai

It should be called v2.1 and free.

If 3 is so much better than 2 why doesn’t it cost more to buy?

If it doesn’t cost more to buy why do existing customers have to pay half as much again?

Existing customers are being gouged. If you really like PL and use it a lot maybe you can live with the upgrade price. I don’t and can’t and Win 7 incompatibility rules it out anyway.

DxO release an upgrade every year and its actually the average price of upgrade every year (and BF). that does not mean you need to upgrade if the new features don’t fit your expectation, i did skip PL2 because it was slow on MAC and I don’t need/use the DAM included in PL2 and, wasn’t worth paying just for an improved clearview and smart lightning, PL1 was just better for me until PL3.

you can look at other software, there’s no really free upgrade. if you look at Luminar, ON1, Exposure (AlienSkin), C1. you’ll get some “improvement update” but next year its a paid version upgrade for you, nothing different from DxO, or Adobe monthly fee. one thing I agree with others is the price difference in upgrade with Essential and Elite, same feature upgrade with price tag difference doesn’t make sense.

Since you can’t upgrade because you are still running Windows 7, it is difficult understand the basis for your comments. Have you actually reviewed and used PL3 on a different machine? I use PhotoLab every day. The new and updated features are definitely worthy of a full upgrade and significantly improve the core functionality and usability for me. I view the upgrade cost to PL3 Elite as a bargain. If you think the $20 extra that the Elite upgrade costs is gouging, that’s your opinion and you are entitled to it. However, it is a tiny amount in the scheme of things, Consider the upgrade cost of programs like Capture One Pro which I believe is around $150.


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Larry, have you read the Release notes?

Overall I find PL 3 E faster and more refined. Plus it has the three major new features. All in all its a very good upgrade.

On my 2019 iMac (27in, all SSD, 40GB Ram)

  1. DPL 3 feels faster and exports in roughly 80% of the time DPL 2 takes for the same load
  2. DPL 3 has the new HSL tool which works much better for the things I want to do with it

Anyway, ask yourself:

  1. What bugs me most in DPL 2? If your answer includes the points above, it might be worth getting the upgrade.
  2. What will I need to sacrifice if I shell out the money for the upgrade? If the answer is “no food for 4 days”, then you’d probably not want to upgrade…

1 i don’t know what you want to look for, need to have. So please use your trail time for that effort.
2 my personal opinion is that v1.2 to v2 wasn’t a big step they updated along the way v2 with some features but the v3 edition did a bigger step forward in usability of repair/clone, Local adjustments: masking is made more usable by invert possibility. Keywords editing would be around December in v3.1 active, and this can be big or not HSL tool is now turned from a it works to a powerful asset. Besides the “small” things as performance speedup.
In general its up to you if you find the new things useful for the money.

Hi Larry,

Funny enough, I asked the same question to myself. But after installing version 3, I was really happy. Besides the new/updated tools, the performance is much better.

The new HSL tool made me using HSL settings. Other tools are so complicated, you need a course to get the hang of it. This tool is so intuitive. A working repair/cloning tool makes getting little errors out of your images a no brainer.

I really hope the trail of v3 will convice you of upgrading.

@Yonni Still using Windows 7 will give you a bigger upgrade fee than only Photolabs. You’ll need to upgrade your whole OS.

The DXO team could easier get good upgrades to the software when they don’t need to code for outdated software.

If anyone expects to have a product around in the future (for new features or support), they should really expect to have to pay something to keep the machine running. That doesn’t mean you need to upgrade for every update if it doesn’t deliver what you want, but there’s no free lunch in the software business. (For the products that are ‘free’, you/your personal information is the product that the developers monetize… The other alternative is open source software, where some users are willing to contribute time and expertise for the benefit of the larger community. But open source may or may not meet your needs.)


I know, nothing is free now =[
since I moved away from Adobe, I paid for many software that I’ve been using since, they all have pros and cons, yours to keep what work for you.

Yes I have but I’m unclear if some of the features are new or improved. IE, Clearview is listed as a feature but is it improved or just a statement of one of PL features?

The Capture One Pro upgrade is more expensive, but one difference is that you don’t lose the license for the version you’re upgrading from the way you do with Photolab. Want to keep your old Photolab license, for whatever reason, then you have to buy a new full version of Photolab, which erases the difference in cost. (Although, in practice, Photolab will continue to work on computers it’s already installed on, today at least. The problem is if you want to move to another computer and don’t have available activations.)

You know it’s wrong !
Svetlana explained it to you.


  • Why not to take a free 30-day Trial and make your judgements?

Svetlana G.

Dear @asvensson,

All the previous versions work on the same machine if they were installed and licensed. I have even OP6 installed and nothing prevents it from running. It was always the same behavior - you can install a new version beside the old one and nothing has changed in these terms with the release of PL3.

About the license counter reset of the older version, actually when you get the license you are allowed to activate it up to 3 machines (depending on the license) so it’s rather clear that if you used all your activations of the old license and upgraded you can’t ask for the counter reset anymore. I think it’s fair.

Svetlana G.

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I’m not saying it’s unfair, just different. If my existing computer fails then I can move my old version of Capture One Pro without restriction, which isn’t the case with Photolab. For some people it’s a non-issue, while others may want unrestricted access to a previous version of software that they’ve done a significant amount of work in, possibly on an OS version the new version no longer supports.

Sorry, but what’s wrong? You no longer have a license for the old version after purchasing an upgrade, but you can still keep using it as long as you have activations available. If you don’t then you can’t reset the activation counter for the old version the way you can for a licensed version, so there is a difference.

if you’re thinking about the discussion in this thread then there’s no disagreement.

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