Favorites correction sorting

Currently using the star icon to display only favorites correction is annoying: the corrections are sorted alphabetically.
So it ends up messing the order in which they are displayed when all corrections are shown.
That also means the order changes when you change the language, not very relevant but still a quirk.

I think the order should be kept consistent with what it was before showing up only the favorites.

Note that providing a way to customize the order could also be a workaround.

It would be nice to see panels sorted in the same way as they are in a custom workspace.

Note: @Baptiste, add your vote to your own proposal.

That’s what I did – Tone Curve 2 and Light 2 are custom palettes.

main screen (left / right)

  • the new TONE CURVE 2 replaced the TONE CURVE,
    which otherwise resides in the LIGHT Palette
  • the new LIGHT 2 replaced LIGHT (also to avoid alphabetical order)
  • all other marked Palettes populate the 2nd screen

I’ll vote for this proposal.

Just a mad idea…

Instead of the favourites icon showing favourite tools, why not have it show a favourite workspace?

Or, perhaps, have your workspaces available on a drop-down from the favourites button?

Workspaces menu

Heheheh. Yes, but my thinking was that it is easier to select from the top of the palettes than going all the way to the menu bar which, on a Mac, is right at the top of the screen.

In Win one can choose a palette as favorite

Screen Shot 12-07-21 at 07.00 PM

which doesn’t solve the ‘only in alphabethical order problem’.
Instead I would just go to the Menu Workspaces and choose the appropriate one from there …