Extend range of feathered area in FP5 creative vignette

The range of the transition area of ‘creative vignette’ is way to small. The applied filter looks pretty artificial. Extend the values of the parameters for transition should be a low hanging fruit for the DEVs and would increase usability of this filter a lot (besides getting a more natural look).

Discussion about it here.

Hi Tom,

You need to adjust the “Intensity” slider to get your preferred degree of transitioning.

Regards, John M

It’s not the intensity I have problems with, it’s the range this intensity is applied to.

Best, Tom

I think you may(?) be misunderstanding this, Tom;

When Intensity and Transition are used in combination a very fine degree of variation in the vignette effect can be readily achieved.

  • eg. Try these settings DxO_Vign
    John M

Edit: I’ve just noticed that you’re referring to the stand-alone version of FP - whereas, my response relates to FP integrated with PL … but, it’s the same tool “under the covers”.