Creative vignette - is it really so bad?

I bought FP5 Elite because PL3 has no vignette. Now I had my first steps - this feature is really bad! Coming from LR or even Android Snapseed this is not usable. No feathering and quite strong visible start and end of the vignette.
Am I missing something or is it really like that? This is frustrating.

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Nope, I did wrote the same bad comment not long ago, every software does it the same way without being called creative. You can do more creative within the Nik Collections. Exposure X5 you can even change the form, or just make a diy in AP or Ps with a lasso tool and a curve.

Sounds like you just need more practice with it. It does indeed feather the effect if you use it correctly. Note that there are sliders for Intensity, Midpoint, Transition, and Roundness, plus a tool for setting the center of the vignette effect. Is it the best vignetting tool ever? No, but I think it’s more than adequate once you get the hang of how it works and learn how to use other adjustments with it for even more customization.

It’s true that other software has additional vingetting features that FilmPack doesn’t have. No argument about that. However, I rarely have a need for that additional functionality, and much of it can be accomplished used local settings and the brush tool.


@mwsilvers Yes, of course I could do it in another software (Affinity Photo, NIK Collection) but I bought it because FP is available right PL as plugin.
And of course the Elite version costs quite some money and I expect it has a certain quality standard.
By now it looks to me like a very basic tool which is way below of other tools in regards of the delivered quality.
I use a slight vignette quite often - that’s why I bought it.

@Egregius Greg, I now found the additional settings which are available when clicking the ‘+’ in the lower right corner of the plugin.
But still the control of the transition from dark to light is still not smooth enough. You will clearly see where it is applied.

the image above has maximum feathering applied and I would expect that this would apply a seamless transition.

I agree that creative vignette is barely usable below -20. I’ve never bothered to change the feathering to anything below maximum. I believe it has been designed in the spirit of an “old camera look” like the rest of FP.

I also usually use local adjustments and add multiple graduated filters. These are much better to control shape and falloff of the light.

@Calle But even then it doesn’t look natural but artificial - at least to my feeling. :-/

Hi i made a video of the tool and i am not sure if it’s as you think it should be working.
Started as a “white” vignetting because then you see better the effect’s.
it’s not a very extended feature but it looks like it just “add” vignetting as it should be.


@OXiDant Peter, thanks for the video. I tested it and I now know how it works. I would say it applies more a pinhole camera effect than a vignette (of course this is a matter of definition :wink: ).
But calling it a ‘creative vignette’ - then it doesn’t provide what I expect.
Also I don’t get why DXO restricts the user by limiting the transition area in this way.

Maybe it’s not what I would expect from such a filter - seems like I have a different opinion what I would call a vignette filter (besides that also those filters in Android Snapseed, LR work as I would expect it).


Your welcome,

would you be so kind to show what you have bin expected? Maybe there are workarounds or just other tools to get what to want.( i not very using vignetting as a “art” so i have no clue what you like to see. :slight_smile: )


Of course. So this one is done in LR. The area of the feathering is much smoother than in FP. Also I have a wider range of each parameter to adjust.
I think fixing this is just allow a wider range in the plugin.

I also bought the pack because of not having to use workarounds. I have the NIK collection (the one from Google) it provides a vignette. But that would mean leaving PL and of course applying the filter then would destructive and create a 2nd image.

Ah it’s mostly the transfering/transistion area (feathering) you have a issue with?
this is i think a easy adjustment in programming. create a feature request and explain your thoughts about the feature. it can be a easy fix. :slight_smile: did you look at the non creative new things of FP elite added in PhotoLab? when you click on the “?” of the toolpalettes you get a text in which you see which features are FP elite required. FP elite is more then “creative” i bought it for contrast control at different tonality. good to use in combination with selective tone, (like highlight slider only selective at -40 or contrast and selective tone both on -20 . you have much more recovery control! )

i have also the free dxo v1 NikCollection and i use it sometimes at the end of a Raw file editing. mostly in 16bit tiff adobe RGB export (return pl is then also still widest colorspace :wink: ) and i only use PL after that for some minor repair corrections and export to jpg.(8b sRGB)

(Did you also have ViewPoint? )

Exactly. I also think this is an easy fix. Coming from LR (5.7) there’s a lot of comparison in my learning! :smiley: But I’m open to new things.
I already created a post in this forum but wasn’t sure if this is the right place. I will close it and create another one in the PL area.

Guess I will continue questions and experiences while learning - so stay tuned! :smiley:


BTW - @OXiDant Peter, what does ‘OpticsPro EA member’ stand for?

please read this
its a title you get if you are participating in the EA/BETA testing. :slight_smile:

Thought so. Thx for the heads up. :slight_smile: