Exporting not working correctly

I just tried exporting to a 3000px JPEG with PL6.9 and got this…

Reverting to PL6.7 gives me the anticipated result…

Export dialog…

We can’t really help you with the (lack of) information you provide, @Joanna

Any chance you used the tone curve? If yes, your issue might be related to this:


I’ve just tried exporting an image in the Windows 6.9.0. (Build 267) version of PL6, with all of the export settings the same as in your example. The exported JPEG looks fine and as expected. I then created a VC and applied some Tone Curve adjustments (not present in the original) and again exported a JPEG with your settings. Once again, the result is fine.

I appreciate this isn’t much help in solving your query, other than to identify that based on my very limited testing the issue (if there is one) doesn’t appear to be present in the Windows version.

OP is on Mac - may be that matters ( may be not )

Yes. That’s the problem. As soon as I disable the Tone Curve, I get the exactly same output as with it.

Of course, unfortunately, I really need the curve, which I use in almost every image I edit, so I’ll have to revert to 6.7 until this regression gets fixed :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I had an interesting conversation with an old and valued client from when I was doing software consultancy. He reminded me of the acronym MVP, which used to mean Most Valuable Product, or Model View Presenter - both of which signified quality software.

Unfortunately, as he informed me, that has now come to mean Minimum Viable Product. In other words, get it out of the door, even if it only, sort of, works.

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I haven’t seen similar results in Windows so it may be a Mac specific issue.


Indeed, it seems he is quite right.

Apparently DxO has a QC problem with the recent releases.

6.8 had a preset preview rendering issue.
6.9 (Mac only?) has this tone curve thing.

I wonder what will be next…

Fortunately we have Time Machine so we can roll back!


By the way, Joanna, I really like this still life very much!!


Very true. That’s how Micropros and a lot of other games publishers went bust by forcing developers to release software before it was ready.

For those not being able to revert back to a previous version of PL6 and using NIK collection: You could use the tone curve in Viveza as a workaround.

I use some software which deliver several kind of releases :

  • some were named release (and now are named with their real name : beta - but anyway they already have pass a serious beta stage before release).
  • other are named stable.
    and users can download according to their needs (stable proven release or with new features release - because there really are new features and new tools in each release. Not a few crumbs thrown in).

If DxO needs users to help them to debug their software, I think they should at least do the same.

But software I’m talking about is for professionnal use and its company understand its failure can have consequences. So it is very serious when communicating with users.

It seems obvious that Photolab does not aim professionnals but hobbyists.

There are users who are Beta Testers of DXO products but undoubtedly that these bugs haven’t been seen.
But I still have this impression that there is more and more bug over the new versions ?


Maybe not enough or maybe not as active as needed ?
Not detecting this curve tool bug (an indispensable tool) seems very strange.

I agree, there have been other examples in the past.

Or as I experienced it…you report bugs, inconsistencies and suggestions, but little of it is implemented, or tracked in a tool visible to all.
One of the reasons why I no longer apply as a beta tester.
And as I read along here, it seems more and more unlikely that something will change.
Too bad to see a great software develop like this.


So DxO should provide choice of 2 releases when downloading :

  • one named stable release.
  • the other named beta or new features release.

(of course the first one has to deserve its name).

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And I never understood why they don’t make previous versions available for download and leave it to the user to archive them.
There is another way like Serif shows Affinity Photo 2 Updates (Windows) (serif.com)

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Not only serif.
DxO seems to live in a bubble a little disconnected from the world for lot of things.


:+1: I’ve never heard it expressed like that before but since the fiasco that was the launch of the NIK 4 collection that has been my perception of DxO’s business model. The less than clearly explained launch of PL’s new wide gamut colour space last year also reinforces this perception.

I suspect that many beta testers focus their testing on the new features being introduced. They do this assuming , rightly or wrongly, that DxO will have taken care of the regression testing to ensure they haven’t broken anything that used to work in areas that seem far removed from the new features.

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