Exporting not working correctly

here is a dowload release page from a software I use which exists as stand alone and as plugin for other applications :

Maybe this can inspire DxO.
I would add all versions are exactly the same on every platform.
And projects are fully interchangeable between every platform.


@Franky , @JoPoV and @SAFC01 (and @SAFC01 even has the label of a Beta tester) you are having a “dig” at Beta testers as if they have anything to do with interim releases after the main release, they do not, or even the first release of the product after the Beta Test phase!

They are given no specific guidance, Beta test releases have no specific list of “issues” that have been addressed between interim beta releases, meaning that a tester should therefore test every “issue” they have reported or seen on every interim release, the Beta tester does not “own” the problem, DxO does?

Main and interim releases give a clue about what might be in the release but no specific list of bug reports received and/or “fixed”.

Hopefully things might change and DxO might adopt a more pro-active approach to involving users in the actual design before it lands in their in-tray to test and even divide work up between the “experts” on tap but I won’t hold my breath!

Not at all.
Only at the way beta test is managed.
But now users are final betatesters (look how microsoft use users and their stations to test its OS now).