Export to Lightroom - Bug or Feature?

When I export to Lightroom (LRCC v 9.2.1) from PL3 (v 3.3.1), the exported file is sent to the correct directory, but it is not imported into the LRCC catalog and does not show up in the browser. I have to use LRCC’s “Synchronize Folder…” command to initiate the file import process. Admittedly not a big deal in the cosmic scheme of things.

Am I missing something, or is this an issue with PL3 v 3.3.1?

When I export an image from DPL to Lr, the image is sent to Lightroom and is, after a few seconds, visible in the folder it came from and in the collections section as well.

While Lightroom opens fairly promptly, it takes a few seconds before the image registers in the Folders and Collections sections of Lightroom’s Library module. BTW, DPL’s image is stacked with its original in Lr.

Setup: DPL 3.3.1 and LR v 9.2.1 on macOS Mojave on iMac 19,1.

I keep my image files on an external drive. Thinking this may be the cause of the problem, I moved a RAW file to a directory on my internal drive and transferred the file to PL3 and then back to LRCC. No change. But thanks for letting me know round-tripping is working for you.

My test was a one-way trip only
Open image in DPL, then export to Lightroom. This worked.
I’ve just tested round trip, which worked too, be it through the context menu or through the plugin menu.

Is there a way to stop Lightroom from stacking the imported image with the original?

Export to Lightroom without stacking?