Export to Lightroom/application without suffix"?

When I export files to Lightroom, the files (Tiff or DNG) get the suffix “_dxo”.
But I want to export the files with the original name (without suffix).
How can I achieve this?

P.S.: I have not found anything in the manual about this.

You can adjust this in the export options

Yes, when I do an export to disk.
But the dialog of “Export to Lightroom” do not show any options rearding the filename/suffix - at least under Windows 10.

Are you exporting under tiff?
Then you have to set this in the tiff options. Export to disk place
And i believe you can change options in export to application too. Colorspace and bit depth.
Don’t know for suffix but maybe it takes over the tiff settings in export to disk.

Hello @Gerd,

Yep, it’s possible to remove the suffix when you do an export to disk but not for Export to application.
It’s not a bug but the designed behavior. If you want to change it, please, create a feature request and vote for it.

Svetlana G.

As @sgospodarenko mentioned, export to Lr always comes with the _DxO suffix.

The only alternative we have now is to export to disk. Then, open Lr and right-click on the folder containing the results and click on “synchronize” from the pop-up menu



  • In order for this to work, the target folder must already be visible in Lightroom or be a subfolder of one that already shows up…
  • I find that this method works quicker too

Thanks, this seems to be a work around to handle it.

Hi Svetlana,

I suggest to re-introduce this feature. I don’t see why this renaming capability should not be possible when exporting to an application. Is there any good reason ?

Hello Pat!

  • I have no objections :slight_smile: As soon as I see that this request is supported by a number of users it will be sent to the team to discuss what can be done (when we see that the feature request has a support among the users we’ll try to find the way to introduce it as soon as possible). But why re-introduce? It was never introduced before.
    So waiting for your support of this feature (even if you do not have votes, I read all posts as well) and we’ll see.

Happy coming new year! :christmas_tree:

Svetlana G.

I was thinking about DOP where this option was global and set in the Preferences, not in the Export dialog, if I remember well.

Do not remember older versions, but OP10 has the same structure as we have now in PL3 :blush:

Anyway, waiting for the users support and already in the new year I will send it to the team for the discussion.

Svetlana G.

Yes, this was probably before version 5. Changing the default _DxO suffix globally was not a bad idea.

In DOP version 3.5, we were able to specify a suffix for each file type :


Okay, got it. I hardly remember version 3.5 :slight_smile:


I would like to see this implemented as well. Even though it seems like a minor change it can slow down the workflow when exporting to another app for processing, especially when dealing with multiple files. Having an option to remove it should hopefully make everyone happy.

Good morning,

The request has been sent to the team for discussion. Closing the issue to release your votes.

Svetlana G.