Change Suffix for Export to Lightroom/Application

When I export files to Disk I can change the Suffix of the created file in the Export Options. But when I export to Lightroom or an apllication, the files (Tiff or DNG) get the suffix “_dxo”, which I cannot change.

My request is: Make the default Suffix “-dxo” changeable.

Why? In my DAM I want to have the files (Tiff or DNG) to have the same name as the orginal file(Raw) for actions like searching, moving. And when I export a file as jpg out of the DAM and I do not want a filename “xxx_dxo.jpg”, because the application does not matter.

See this post:

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Svetlana G.


It’s a designed behavior because an image is “exported to application” to be finlised.
If these images are “master” in your DAM, you must to use “export to disk”.

Of course yes, change the suffix could be better but are you sure is a priority task ?

It is not a priority task, but “nice to have” - and a minor effort to implement.

Smugmug now has an application called “Smugmug Source”, which allows you to back up your files and associate the raw files with the jpegs. However, in order for this feature to work, the raw files and jpegs must have the same name (minus the extension of course). So this feature cannot be used when exporting from DXO to Lightroom because DXO adds the _DXO extension, unless I manually change the filename every time I export to Lightroom, which is another step in my workflow. I am not sure how many people that use DXO also use Smugmug Source and Lightroom, but this would be helpful to these people, and could potentially bump up the priority of this request due to this new information.


I was trying to change the suffix and it seems it’s not possible, so I added my vote to this request, even if it’s old.
I just don’t want to have a software name in my photos’ name.

If it was a free software, I would understand the need to promote the software through the picture name, but it’s not.
I don’t use any other software for which I cannot change the output suffix (and dxo allows to configure this for all other exports)

Currently I have the choice between:

  • not using the “export to Lightroom” function, but I’d had to manually import and I’d lose the stacking.
  • manually rename in Lightroom all the dng photos that come from dxo

Both options take some time…

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I doubt that the aim of the inclusion was for promotion purposes but more as an aid to avoiding confusion with other apps.

Yes maybe :slight_smile:
Whatever the purpose it should be possible to change the suffix.
Currently I choose the second option, renaming one by one every file that comes from dxo.

Is there a feature request to vote for?
I had hope it would be included in Dxo v6 but it doesn’t seem to be.

Seriously, who would want the name of a software inside a photo filename?

Is there any trick to change the output?
This is really a pain to systematically rename all the files that went through DxO in Lightroom.

You are looking at it. Vote at the top of this thread.

I heard somewhere that there was a file that can be tweaked somewhere to change this behavior…
I don’t care if I have to redo the tweak at each update… it would save me a lot of time when I’m converting a lot of files.

I didn’t find any automatic renaming trick either as I don’t send consecutive named files to dxo (only the ones that benefit from deepprime).

It would also be great to have the possibilty to tweak the suffix when exporting to the nik collection. Per default “_NIK” is added. There are 9 NIK plug-ins, when going back to my older pictures it is not always easy to find what NIK application was used.
In my view this enhancement should not be to difficult to implement, the option to tweak the suffix exists for “Exporting to disk”.

Eventually I ended up using the “Export to Lightroom” function.
There are several problems with that:

  1. The _DxO suffix cannot be changed. All the files have to be renamed afterwards in LR, this is a pain (LR misses a filename replacement function)
  2. The files are integrated in LR catalog 1 by 1 and this can takes a lot of time where you are constantly interrupted in your work in LR. The total amount of time to integrate 100 images in LR catalog is quite small, but this is split in 100 short interruptions every 15 seconds.

Now, I just export to DNG in original file folder, with the suffix I like, import in Ligthroom and generate automatic stacks based on timestamp.
Then I push all the original files to the bottom of the stack, to have DxO on top, and it works perfect.

It’s much more efficient than using the dedicated export function.
(I still use the plugin to take raws to Photolab)

Another advantage is that I can export 2 different DNG at once (for instance, one simplified DNG and a complete DNG with dxo lighting included).
So, a lot of time savings.
It would be better with a decent export function from DxO ot Lihtroom, but this doesn’t seem to be on the development map.