Export to Disk DNG

Hello, I tested photo Lab 5 and now I’m testing photo lab 6. Why with version 6 is not possible to export as DNG all corrections (it was pooisble with version 5) , but only DNG with all correction exept Color Rendering?

Hi Alex and welcome,

Explanation 1.) You can still do it but you must use the legacy working color space instead of the WGCS. There is some incompatibility with the WGCS.

Explanation 2.) It has been said by someone who should know(DxO staffer) that only the name has been changed and that there is no difference in functionality.

Try it yourself and choose which explanation you prefer.

hi rrblint, I think that second sentence is not correct. I did a test with DNG and a TIFF

and also the explanation 1 is not applicable. I set as color space as Classic, but there is not the option to export DNG all corrections


It’s also about the export options of DNG

if you do a test with axport DNG and the same file with TIFF you see that it is different