Enhancement request for Fuji XH2 and XH2S RAF file formats

I have just submitted a request for enhancement of PL5.4 for the support of RAF files from the new Fujifilm XH2 and XH2S cameras.

My enhancement request in Support is #377960, I would be grateful if others would help by requesting this enhancement as well.


support of Fuji X-H2s is now available :slight_smile:
We plan to support X-H2 as soon as possible.



Is there already a time indication for the integration of the Fujifilm X-H2 Raw files in Pureraw2?

I hope it’s soonest!! It’s shipping in three days and I can’t wait to get mine! Please, please do it quickly! Thank you so much!!

Will the Fuji XT5 be supported soon as well?

According to this link it’s supported this month
But only in elite version.


Is that correct? It is always been my understanding that lens and camera profiles are available to both the elite and essential versions of PhotoLab. Was this posted somewhere? There is no indication of It being available for the elite version only in the camera/lens support database.


Yes on the DXO site, see here.

and here Pourquoi mettre à jour - Comparez votre version - DxO

→ Fuji X-Trans raw-file support in PL5/6 Elite only

jknights asked for the Fuji XT5

Yes, I just noticed that which is why I deleted my most recent post. My error.

No problem :+1:

It is not supported in v6.1.1.34 of PL. I have requested XT5 support but essentially XT5 = XH2.
I am told it will come in January so we only have a short wait.

It doesn’t work that way. To set up support for either one, DxO will need to acquire a copy of the specific camera and create and test separate support modules.


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Yes indeed. Just hoping that we can get XT5 RAW files supported soon.
If DXO need images or anything else then I am willing and able to provide them with what they need.

All DxO software updates released and support for X-T5

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Just neen offered to me in the Update process on my Mac.
Downloading and installing v6.2.
Oh happy day.

Thanks to DXO Dev team.

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