Support for Fujifilm X-H2

The title says it. What are your plans DXO team?

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Have you checked the following page?

I surely did. X-H2 not on the list

New cameras can take a while until they are supported by DxO. Usually, there is no roadmap about when those cameras will be supported in DxO’s apps…but sometimes, @Marie drops a few hints in the forum.

It’s coming “as soon as possible”.

Quote from Marie 16 days ago:

MarieDxO staff



support of Fuji X-H2s is now available :slight_smile:
We plan to support X-H2 as soon as possible.


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I understand it will take some time to create new profiles, moreover, since the X- H2 to just hits the stores. I wanted to express that there’s somebody waiting for this profile :wink:

You are definitely not the first to ask about it. Try to be patient…


Adobe has been integrating the X-H2 profile for two months now.

Yes pleeeeaase give as the ability to work with X-H2 files! I have a pile of high ISO files waiting to be processed in DXO PR :wink:

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Any update regarding XH2 support? Many (like me) have the camera already and cannot use DXO.


Echoing the comments from many in this thread. An ETA from DXO on X-H2 support would be appreciated.


Ugh… I just purchased the software and it’s useless to me until the H-x2 gets support :frowning: I used the trial with my Nikon but have since got the x-h2 - no refund available since I already activated the software - of course I did - that’s how I found out I can’t use it! It didn’t even occur to me that this would be a problem.

It was promised in Nov, should be soon, hopefully tomorrow :slight_smile:

It seems they’ve been reasonably quick to support new cameras in the past so I wouldn’t expect to be waiting too long, let’s hope it’s soon! The software is amazing.

Make it soon please for the Fuji XH2


Good news Pauline! Here is a link to a new post from @Marie .

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While it’s great that PL6 is going to get X-H2 support soon, what about PureRAW 2? Is it going to get X-H2 support or are they going to put that off until PureRAW 3?

It’s been now more than a month and we even had the XT5 out. All other program including OnOne PhotoRAW 2023 supports it. Something is wrong here, either not enough staff or lacking funds. We got a lot of other brands coming out.