Enhanced ICC settings for export to sRGB

Color management is crucial in a professional workflow. Unfortunately, PhotoLab is not an example of good, easy and logical color management when the target output workspace is a sRGB. sRGB is a massively used workspace in event photography.

Problem 1: Photo Lab does not attach a ICC profile when exported to a sRGB color space.
Problem 2: Photo Lab does not warn us if an image is exported without a ICC profile. (This can happen if the option “Original” or “sRGB” is selected and work with a RAW file).

The improvement request is: When exporting to a sRGB workspace, attach the ICC profile that is used to convert to that workspace. Add a warning when the exported image is without a ICC profile and, if possible, indicate the reason.

Koko :slight_smile:

The current behaviour is substandard – I don’t know a raw converter which discriminates against embedding the sRGB profile in the exported files (jpeg, tiff) in this way.

They probably do it to save some kilobytes from the resultant file. Tagging the output file but not embedding the profile should be left to the user’s discretion. And the current situation is not good if e.g. you set up your photo editor (e.g. Affinity Photo) to use ProPhoto RGB working space and open there the PhotoLab-exported sRGB tiff – Affinity doesn’t see the sRGB tag and treats it as an unprofiled file, to which it Assigns its working space (ProPhoto RGB in this example) – the result is not pretty. If you know colour management you simply Assign sRGB to the file and are fine, but many people might be caught off-guard or may not notice the warning.


No more votes left but +1, this has bothered me for a long time already


Definitely gets my vote - I just recently switched to PL3, but encountered the same issues you described in the other thread, @kokofresha , when exporting pictures using sRGBas output space.


Missing profiles or wrong ones applied means always trouble - got my vote!


Hello guys,

Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll analyze it.

Svetlana G.


Hello everyone and best wishes to all of you for 2020!

Thank you for your feedback.
We’ll have this addressed indeed.
Cannot give you an estimate of when, but as soon as possible as it’s more of a “bug fix” than a fully packed feature.

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The DxO Team


Let me close the topic to free the votes.

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