Easier LUT preview

Great to see support for LUTs in Photolab. But there are hundreds, if not thousands, of LUTs out there, and it’s not easy to pick one to work with. A preview feature would be great, a bit like the previews for the built-in preset. Ideally, in Customise, when selecting the LUT feature, an option to have groups of LUTs (instead of one long list) and a way to see thumbnails with the effect of each LUT. But even a dedicated LUT previewer based on thumbnails would be really helpful!



write a script that create partial presets in a whatever name for your subfolder(s) in C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 7\Presets ( if Windows ) based on whatever LUTs you want to preview and put in there something like the text below for each LUT as a preset file

Preset = {
Settings = {
Base = {
ColorLookupActive = true,
ColorModeFilterIntensity = 100,
ColorLookupPath = [[Z:\Fuji F125 Kodak 2395 (by Adobe).cube]],
ColorLookupColorSpace = “ProPhotoRGB”,

do you catch the drift ? experiment

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I’m sure something like this is possible using Applescript, too, and maybe one of the generative IA tools can produce it – but my coding days are over :slight_smile: so I would prefer DxO to do the work…

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writing a simple script is not coding , as a last resort you can create such simple partial presets manually… copy-paste

what’s this ?
Does photolab have scripting system ? Or is it a windows thing ?

example of the content of the partial preset file that affects only DxO PL7 LUT tool

you write yourself some script ( or a program ) to automate creation of such partial presets for LUTs that you want to use so that you can preview their effect ( for example use an image with various test charts like CC24, CCSG, etc in it ) … of course if it is just few LUTs you can just do it manually one-by-one… if you want 100s or 1000s LUTs then doing manually might be a problem

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I use to write scripts in other softwares. Or program in dedicated langages (MEL for maya for instance).
But here I don’t understand what this does, or what this is :
So this is a photolab preset to apply to raw ? Or something which allow to get previews in photolab when choosing LUTs?

One person’s “simple” is another person’s “not today, thank you”. I’m with @JPO on this, it is a reasonable request of the software, given the nature of LUTs.

never late to learn …

Did you read what OP asked ? ----------> “A preview feature would be great, a bit like the previews for the built-in preset”

so just make presets for all the luts and preview them exactly like the ones shipped with DxO … every preset (for each LUT) is few lines like in my example … of course you need to remember the color space - you can’t assume something - you need to be sure for which color space a 3rd party LUT was created

this is on Windows - somebody make for him on OSX

REM for DxP PL7 / Windows the “root” folder for presets = C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 7\Presets
REM so create yourself some subfolder for your presets - do NOT pollute the “root” folder ( in my example below it is 11 - LUTs )
REM quit DxO
REM pute .cube of the same color space ( in my example below it is ProPhotoRGB ) in some temp folder then run script in that folder and then copy all *.cube and generated *.preset files to that DxO subfolder in Presets location
REM start DxO

SET DXO_LUT_FOLDER=C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 7\Presets\11 - LUTs\

FOR %%f IN (*.cube) DO CALL :work “%%f”



echo Preset = {Settings = {Base = {ColorLookupActive = true,ColorModeFilterIntensity = 100,ColorLookupPath = [[%DXO_LUT_FOLDER%%~nx1]],ColorLookupColorSpace = “%COLOR_SPACE%”,},},} > “%1.preset”


PS: minor fix for a script to account for preset file names with spaces inside

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this is how it looks after

Yes, I did.
The OP would like to have LUT organisation and preview inside photolab, in the place where to apply them.
Your way of doing that would make image preview inside photolab ?

EDIT : just read further posts so :
OK. Understood. My bad.
Indeed there is only one place for presets in photolab.
I was thinking you had a way to create previews to choose LUTs in the LUT tool itself. I wasn’t understanding how.
Sorry my reading of English isn’t always fluent.

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Yes, the “Apply preset” button is the place “inside photolab” where he can organize LUTs in a structured manner and preview them before applying …

Get a bit of imagination - you do not need to use the LUT tool for that purpose !

Because a chance that DxO will make useable interface is as fat as a chance of getting a bigger NR preview window, a bigger (floating) Tone Curve tool with direct numeric control for added points (and C1 / ACR style presets-in-the-tool capability), keyboard shortcuts editor and you name it…

So do DIY or DIE

I wish DxO had a proper scripting engine allowing end users to extend the interface directly in the PL - but ALAS …

Ok. I think this is a Babylon syndrome.

I probably explain myself really bad in english sometime …
I don’t understand your sentence … (why would I need LUT for what purpose ??? and what for would I need imagination ???).

I try to formulate this an other way :
What i was just saying is I read what the OP what asking :
He wants to have previews and organised lists in the LUT tool itself (something a bit like what exists in affinity photo for example).

you do not need to use LUT tool in DxO PL to preview effects ( of course a better functionality is very much desired, but if it is not there then you just, as explained above, go directly to Apply Preset and use it ( of course properly populating presets with .preset files corresponding to your LUTs )

deleted by user because of babylon syndrom.

This explains your view, in that you do not understand the sentiment.

I can learn. I absolutely know I could do it. No shadow of a doubt. I used to do this sort of thing all the time.

But now, I don’t want to learn. I value my time for other pursuits, not this.

Take web sites. My first site, some 24 years ago, was hand coded in HTML. From there I evolved to learning and deploying XML/XSLT, then I discovered WordPress and heavily customised my themes and added tons of plugins and poked and prodded things to be exactly how I wanted. I wrote custom plugins to do e-commerce to avoid paying for costly solutions. I ended up running all of this on a VPS which I maintained, running CentOS Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. I worked out various issues, managed upgrades of my infrastructure, and learned a ton along the way.

And then I got tired of the amount of work this involved. I stopped the heavy customisation and settled on almost-out-of-the-box designs. Certainly codeless designs. Then I accepted some additional costs to simplify my sites further. Finally, about a year ago I think, I abandoned my VPS for a managed host, where the only thing I look after now is WordPress. If it weren’t for a few blocking issues, I would throw all that away and just pay for SquareSpace which is zero maintenance; just content.

And so it is with much of my tech-centric life. With age comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes knowing when it’s worth the effort and when to settle.

So no… I’m not going to script something just to preview LUTs when I can reasonably ask that DxO provide a facility in the product they sell.

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in your case you can apply what you arleady learned

I shall repeat the ground truth = “… a chance that DxO will make useable interface is as fat as a chance of getting a bigger NR preview window, a bigger (floating) Tone Curve tool with direct numeric control for added points (and C1 / ACR style presets-in-the-tool capability), keyboard shortcuts editor and you name it…”