Easier LUT preview

What makes you so sure of what could happen ? photolab’s slow and laborious development, or precise information ?

@noname Big thanks for the script idea!!

I had to reformat it a bit to work properly in my batch file (not sure if because of how I copy/pasted or how the forum formatted your input) but after about an hour of tweaking & troubleshooting was able to sort it out.

Thanks to your help, I now have a batch file I can run on a folder full of LUTs to create presets. Ran it once & easily created over 150 presets for my LUTs that are now visible as previews.

One change I made, and not sure of the implications: for ColorLookupColorSpace, I set it to “Working”.

On a side note:
As a new PhotoLab user, I share the frustration when looking at the forums of all the good ideas (that often appear should be no-brainers, or easy to implement) which have sat un-addressed for years; and you are probably right — don’t hold your breath expecting any of these to be addressed soon.

However, its also logical to think that suggesting these ideas in the first place are the only way the developers may hear them. So even if I’m ‘speaking into the wind’, I feel its better to voice the suggestion: Maybe, just maybe, there is an off-chance that an eager developer will read it -and one day, perhaps, take the few hours to implement.

I know its hopeful thinking. At the same time, thank you for showing us that realistically – don’t expect quick change or even response. :grinning:

In case anyone else is trying this method on PC to create previews for their LUTs and having issue, I can try to share how I formatted the batch script to work for me. But credit goes to @noname for the idea!

nothing is better than a healthy doze of DIY

that is when your LUTs are for DxO WideGamut color space (WGCS)… the issue with all those LUTs are that they do not carry any info for source/destination color spaces inside… hence you need to be careful how you designated them

in an ideal world a “LUT” has relevant info what the lut table is translating either from - to or within what color space transformation happens

normal developers (A) spend some time actually using what they develop and (B) visit at least occasionally user forums … so hopefully this is the case

just share it w/o asking … may be I made some mistakes, I only tested myself few times ( and originally did not account for file names with spaces inside… what a shame was that )