DxO PureRAW 3 in combination with Nikon Z8 with Z600 with TC switch ON

The software refuses to proces files made witch Nikon Z8 with Z600 with TC switch ON.
If I try pictures go straight back into Photoshop without processing. I suppose compatibility??
Is it possible to make the mentioned equipment compatible or is there something else wrong?

You check which body / lens combinations are supported using this page:

That websites shows there is no compatibility at this moment. I just requested it for this camera and lens
But can I expect compatibility in the near future, or is it better to search for alternatives to remove noise? With Z9 you can fool the software. With Z8 you cannot do that.

Only DxO can answer your question about when it might become compatible. Meanwhile working your way back up this topic might reveal something:

that will allow you to decide on whether or not you need to look for alternative ways to remove noise

Thanks, Mark.
That makes sense.

Umm, my name is not Mark so that makes no sense :smile: