DXO Pure RAW files back to Adobe LR Issue

Hi All,

I have been using these products for sometime however, this issue just started.

In Short - Using DXO Pure Raw2 as a plugin to LR. After processing the image, a dng file would always come back to LR and I would keep working as usual. Now the image imports as usual however, the LR import window now comes up and I have to press either the “Done” or the “Cancel” button to get back to the Develop Module.

My process is

  1. Import Raw files into a specific folder

  2. Select an image in the Develop module and send to DXO Pure Raw2 via File → Plug-in Extras → Process with DXO Pure Raw 2

  3. Select process on DXO window and it does its thing. DNG file selected as output.

  4. DNG file returns to LR in a folder titled DXO within the image directory I am using.

  5. Previously I would see the image in the folder, select the Develop Module and keep processing. However, now everything happens the same however, the LR Import screen appears at the end and I have to select the “Done” or “Cancel” button to get back to the image and commence processing. This did not happen previously and although it is another button click it is annoying.

What is happening here and can I fix it as it’s annoying and just an extra step for nothing.

I am using the latest versions of all software on a windows 10 Pro machine.

Thanks for your assistance

Lightroom has an option to switch the import screen on or off. Ctrl-click on a folder in Lr’s left sidebar and select “synchronize”. Uncheck the option in the popup. Note: Have not tried if this works or not on my Macs.

Other than that, the “feature” might have been added by the latest updates…

Mine is grayed out.

it is still hapening in PurRaw 3.40/16 - resulting in black DNG
Lightroom is latest version
any ideas ?