PureRaw 2 and Lightroom issue

I’m using PureRaw 2 as a plugin in Lightroom and it seems that after completing then process, besides adding the completed DNG files to their collection, a new and empty import window is opened. Once I cancel out of it, the DxO collection appears. This just started after I installed the latest update.

Is your issue similar to this?

What you’re describing is basically what I’ve been experiencing in my workflow although it also occurs when I initiate Pure Raw 2 from either the Library or Develop module. My basic workflow also appears to be very similar.

Yes it certainly is.

I have exactly the same issue

No new import window with PureRAW 2.3 build 6 on macOS 12.6.3 on iMac 2019.

Launching DPR from LrC’s Develop module has its downsides: DPR puts the output file in a collection, which is then shown in the develop module. This can get you one image per step (unless you do batches) and necessitates a round trip to the Library module in order to switch from the collection to the folder again… :roll_eyes:

I therefore recommend to launch DPR from LrC’s Library module…and set DPR to export to the original folder, which is another detour… :roll_eyes:

Update: Tested with DPR 2.4 build 8 and…

  • got no import window in LrC
  • got no additional collection in LrC
  • had to sync the folder in LrC to see the exported images


The latest update to DPR 2 is v2.4 which is the version where this issue originated. I just tried initiating DPR 2 from the Library Module as you recommended and since I’m using v2.4 rather than v2.3 that you mention, I got the same exact result with a new import window opening at the end of the DPR 2 processing, just as I originally reported. This is definitely a bug with the LRC plug-in interface with version 2.4.

There is definitely a bug and DxO are aware of the issue.

I’m glad DxO is aware of this bug and I hope they resolve it soon. Fortunately, at least for me, it’s just huge a nuisance and not a hindrance to my workflow.

Same here. This bug was kindof obvious and should have been caught IMHO.