DXO Pure Raw 4.0.1 with Canon .cr3 files

I was told here in november 2023 that a fix would be issued to correct the fact that while processing raw file from Canon eos R5 camera using D+ in the menu would result in dark files as if Pure raw was taking the whitest point and making all the file looks much darker than the original.

Wil there ever be one to fix this? and by the way if it could export the file at 300 dpi instead of 72 dpi, it would be another gain in time processing.

Any other user complaining about this?



Sadly, the DxO official personnel no longer communicate with us on this forum. It is now considered to be a users-only forum. You would be better off by submitting your request to support.dxo.com This way you’ll at least know that someone at DxO will see it.

Thanks for your answer. I did not know that.

This is one of the many reasons, though I own PL7, that I have switched to Lightroom Classic for final editing. There is so much that could be discussed. As a supporter of DXO, I found many editing tools to those offered in Lightroom Classic; and as a new supporter of Lightroom Classic, I have found many editing tools superior to those offered by DXO.

DXO development process for software was not efficient, and less effective in developing the quality of , for instance, PhotoLab. One only needs to examine the number of problems, the fact that many fixes have not been developed, and users are constantly using work- around techniques. This happens in many applications that put profit ahead of delivery a quality product at a reasonable price.

Thinking about DXO diving into the AI area, frankly, is frightening. Changes need to be made in their approach to the software and customers before the company should travel down that road.

I think some may agree with me, while others may disagree complete. It makes the world go round.

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Please see my post HERE

I would be one to disagree completely. for sure. On the contrary to your experience I have found DXO PhotoLab and their approach a breath of fresh air compared to rainbow subscription only anti customer behaviour from Adobe and their push for cloud services, which mostly were added by acquiring competition or gulping up smaller companies to push for monopoly. DXO PhotoLab has worked fine since I started using it many versions ago, and on the contrary to your experience, I find many features in it departing from common approach taken by Adobe and its clones. As for AI, DXO was always about quality of image first, and they deliver. Still the best in the game. As for regards to bugs, I only encountered few, which may not be shared experienced for everyone, but hardly something Adobe does better if that is what you meant. There are half a decade old forum threads on Adobe forums about bugs not yet fixed.

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Tested (EOS R7) images with Highlight Tone Priority set to D+ against PureRAW, PhotoLab, Lightroom Classic, Canon DPP and Apple Photos. None of them honoured the Highlight Tone Priority setting - except Canon’s own DPP. Looks like the underexposed D+ images are left as is as a “market standard” behaviour.

Moreover, there seem to be more tweaks in HTP than underexposure. I see slightly different contrast and colours too. Might not be easy to compensate, if that is really what we’d want. I also don’t expect Canon to publish any tech specs on HTP anytime soon.

Not me: Using PureRAW as a preprocessor to all the rest being done in Lightroom, I can easily live with the darker starting points proposed by PureRAW. I don’t think that the behaviour is caused by a bug, but by the things elaborated above

AFAIK, HTP is Canon ONLY…3rd party software won’t recognise it…

HTP is Canon only - and that’s what the thread addresses - and all except DPP don’t handle it. BUT: who knows what cooperations exist and could therefore lead to others being able to handle the undocumented, walled-in features. I can partly understand the want to protect one’s own income by not making specifications public. Other approaches exist nevertheless. One of the reasons for Windows market share was, that it was licensed to everyone that wanted to use it (and pay for the license too :wink: )

Keep one’s mind (and wallet) open!

not gonna happen. Just look at Canon and 3rd party RF AF lenses…it tells you a lot about a company and how they respect their customers (NOT !). If I was starting over, I wouldn’t touch Canon with a 200 parsec barge pole.

Yes, you are not alone. I just installed the Pure Raw 4 demo and noticed this. And hence, here I am. It is disappointing that this is a known issue that has yet to be addressed. Even more so because Pure Raw does a better job at removing noise and preserving sharpness than Adobe AI in Lightroom, but it dramatically lowers exposure.