DxO, Please Give Us a Realtime Comparison View ASAP

Dear DxO,

Your DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD are the finest noise reduction algorithms in the market right now. But you have hobbled the UI with a lousy, tiny magnifier view.

Give us an option for a proper full screen realtime comparison view. This ought to be a priority.

FYI, noise reduction is only visible on output. So if you are looking for fine comparison of fine art images considering DeepPrime, the only option is to export and use an external viewer. More detailed notes on compare here.

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It’s an old feature request, but it’s still a good one imo.

Good housekeeping @platypus. Duplicate feature request threads benefit noone and just make this forum a cluttered mess. Hopefully @sgospodarenko can stop by and merge this one into the original.

The downside for having DP and/or DP XD on the full size realtime image is that it has to calculate it constantly, meaning that an update of the live image takes a much longer, depending on your hardware.

For instance, if applying DP XP takes a minute on your machine while exporting, updating the live view will also take a minute. And on older hardware or without dedicated GPU it can even take multiple minutes. Processing DP XD on my machine without enabling GPU acceleration takes about 5 minutes for instance.

Is that really what you want? Or do you mean comparing images after export? That one I can relate to but I understand your question/suggestion as the first one (applying it on the realtime view).

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If this will be implemented, it must be a Preferences choice for the user.

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The ideal would be an adaptable window and of course the possibility of not using this visualization option.
If you have a good hard config you can increase the size of this window if you want.

Hi, that’s correct and will be similar to the Topaz photo AI function.
But I can say that with my MB Air M1 it doesn’t take sooo long time. And if you have had the preview choosing one model and jump forward or backward within the model settings it’s not necessary to save the output file to compare till you have made your choice of the setting that fits.
I think they keep it in RAM or virtual RAM…this only having a idea behind the technical curtain.

The problem is that not everybody as an M1.

On my AMD RX480 dedicated GPU, exporting a jpg with XD takes around 25-30s. But if I use my much more modern Ryzen 7 laptop, which CPU is more powerful but the GPU is not, it takes around 70s.

I don’t know if DxO is saving the snapshots from the advanced history in memory. That would use a lot of memory and when you’re out of free memory you would start to swap, which is slow compared to RAM.

Don’t get me wrong, having a realtime view of de denoising would sure be nice, but not at any cost.

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That’s the reason why I’m looking for dropping prices for an Nvidia 2070 or 3060, because my card on windows system isn’t supported and takes the CPU and this an old one :face_with_spiral_eyes:

That is why I said we need the “option.” Those of us who have powerful machines can enable the option.

As for repeating the thread - the call has to be renewed given the significant advance DxO has made in noise reduction technology.

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I tend to prefer the dxo approach to topaz. Moving highlighted area around the image much faster than waiting for topaz to update