DxO PL 6 latest version- Preview and JPG output mismatch- export has a different exposure / tone curve?

Yes, thank you – could download them now.

checked myself with

  1. No correction
  2. B&W … Ilford Delta 400
  3. ToneCurve

counterchecked with your dop-file

It seems to be related to the MAC version ( PL 6.9.0_267 Windows here ).

Tested for the “tone curve bug” with DPL 6.9 on macOS Sonoma beta on M1 MacBook Air 2020 and found no issue, things worked as expected. The sky is just a bit brighter in the exported files though.

Clockwise from bottom right: untouched CR2 file - same with TC applied - exported files as JPEG and TIFF, both in sRGB
Tone curve used:

Have you tried with B&W?
On my tests it is ok in color but not in B&W.

Yes, and got no issue with that either. BUT: the bug might depend on how B&W is achieved. Several ways exist and maybe the issue is brought in by FilmPack rather than by PhotoLab.

What tool did you use for B&W? Add a screenshot to make sure.

I have the issue even if I toggle every correction off and the only adjustment I make is the tone curve, in a colour photo.

I have also tested this on my MBP M2 Pro and on a RAF (Fuji X-E4) file and am getting the same issue.

It’s as if the tone curve is simply not being applied. Anything else you’d like me to try in order to provide more information on this issue?

Tried a few more things and…Ta-Daaah!

From here on, the exported files always ignored the TC, no matter if I deleted the database, caches etc. Note: All my tests in this regard on M1 MacBook Air…

I’m experiencing the same problem. The curve is simply not applied to the exported image. I tried different interpolations, different colour spaces and formats until I honed in on the issue. Other adjustments seem to get in the mix but not the tone curve. The adjusted image in RAW view shows the curve effect but the jpeg/tiff does not.

I normally do not use the curve so I’ve no idea since when this came about.

I use MBP with M1Pro 2021.

Any ideas anyone?


I’ve used the B&W preset in B&W Preset section, the 1:

@Mr008 Sorry, I don’t think there’s any other way to roll back. DxO doesn’t appear to make downloads available for previous versions, and I couldn’t find version 6.8.0 or 6.8.1 with a quick search of the Intertubes. Maybe someone on the forum has the Mac installer for a previous version and could help you out?

I was under the impression that PL always applied some types of processing, but I may be misremembering, because that may only be true for RAW images.


True, you can set this in preferences for RAW and for rgb images. And indeed I set no corrections. But I think this is only for new discovered images.
I think photolab does not do that when it process an image (I didn’t checked that, in fact), because this would be unusuable (you wan’t to get a result, and when you look at it it becomes something else …).

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oh well, so I’m not insane. I’ve been having exactly the same issue on Photolab 6.9.0 build 55 on macbook pro M1


Same here. Looks like the tone curve isn’t applied to the exported file.
It happend after the latest software update.
MacOS Venturi, Photolab 6.9 build 55 with nef files.
Support ticket :heavy_check_mark:

Thank you for posting.

I have the same issue after using the tone curve.

Ran a few more tests … and the issue did not show up :man_shrugging:

The new release fixed the issue for me :raised_hands:

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Worked for me too.
They also fixed the DNG output. With, when all corrections applied in DNG export the only rendering that was giving linear DNG output was DxO camera profile (or Off). Now all is good.

Yep, they fixed it.

Thanks @Drdul. I’ve learnt for the future. I’ll download and save the (now) working release!

Fixed for me too in the latest release. Good job everyone reporting the issue.

Glad to help @Mr008! You should also consider setting up Time Machine. It’s a painlessly easy way to revert/recover files and apps.