DxO PL 6 latest version- Preview and JPG output mismatch- export has a different exposure / tone curve?

Currently running the latest MacOS version of DxO PL on a MBP M1 Max.
I exported a photo with local adjustments and changes to curves. The JPG output appeared much darker than the preview.

I copied the adjustments to another RAW file and the same issue persists. I have attached an example below showing a RAW file with the copied adjustments and the exported JPG having different histograms.

The preview of the RAW is overexposed, yet the JPG has a darker exposure.

Has anyone experienced this or knows if this is a previously described bug?

I can share screenshots of what adjustments I have made to the file if this is helpful.

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Different tone curve: This is to be expected because exported JPEG and TIFF files are new files to PhotoLab, which treats them according to what you set as your default preset.

Exposure-mismatch: This can happen if you customize an image with e.g. a tone curve and later export with optical corrections only, but this is only available with DNG export. I tried to see if I got exposure mismatch too, but exported files look identical to what I see from the CR2 (Canon) file.

Note: Automatic perspective corrections fooled by a Richard Serra sculpture.

It seems that the OP shows the settings used to process raw and shows the resulting Jpg after processing. In which case they should be the same with no processing (so default tone curve and other settings as we can see) on the jpeg.

Maybe some settings not visible in the screenshot are not at default values in the jpg image ?

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PhotoLab always does something to images. The real test would be to compare the PhotoLab view of the RAW file against the JPEG in a simple image viewer. E.g. just use QuickLook from Finder, or open in Preview.

When I process a RAW and save the jpg or tiff, I see exactly the same image in photolab when I look the RAW with settings applied and the jpg or tiff that has been saved from it.

Why would they look different ? They don’t in my case.
Fortunately, because if I process a raw, this is to get what I see when I export it as pixel image.

Can you elaborate ?

You are correct regarding the possibility of a preset being applied to a JPG but this isn’t the issue. The actual JPG file that has been exported out of DxO PL looks different to the preview of the ARW file that is being exported.

There was such a stark difference in exposure that I had to open DxO again to see why the exported JPG was much darker and saw that the preview has a different exposure. It appears that those same set of corrections are consistently being incorrectly processed on whatever ARW (Sony A7III RAW) file I am applying them to.

To illustrate this, this is not the ARW file I was processing initially, I just copied them to this new ARW file. These pasted correction settings clearly over-expose the ARW and yet the JPG that DxO exports has a different exposure.

Have a look at a screen shot of the JPG and a screenshot from the DxO preview.
Exported JPG
Preview in DxO

Yes, I noticed the same issue today. It appears that in the latest version, tone curve adjustments aren’t being applied, or are being applied incorrectly. I was able to get the output almost correct by adjusting other parameters, including exposure and contrast, but couldn’t exactly match what I would have been able to achieve with the tone curve.

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I think you may be correct. I have also been experimenting and pushed the tone curve to an extreme and tried applying the corrections to a JPG and it appears the corrections are not being applied to the exported file.

Here are the preview and the exported JPG:

@Mr008 , can you post the raw file and its .dop sidecar as well as a screenshot of your export dialog window?

With what we got now, I cannot reproduce, with my Canon raw files, the issue you describe.

I have not read the whole thread so this may have already been answered but: I would like to know if you have softproof enabled or are you selecting a different output profile when exporting. These settings can cause the issue you are seeing.

I have been having similar problems with Build 55 on an M1 Mac Mini.
In my case, my tone curves are not being applied to the exported JPEG or TIFF images.
Same thing happens in Legacy or Wide color space and with any color rendering setting.
Legacy work space with Neutral Color rendering makes the problem obvious.
I filed a support request but so far they haven’t been able to reproduce the problem.

Tested with Nikon D810 NEF file PL v6.9 on macOS Monterey.

With my default preset using camera rendering and some adjustments, I see no difference in color.
But using on the same image B&W preset (1 N&B Dense), there is a big difference between jpeg and preview:

Jpeg output (with No correction in PL):

I’ve also had a look at 100% zoom in order to check if preview below 75% may have an impact, but the issue is still there.

Here is a link to the RAW (ARW file), JPEG image output, my output screen, and .dop corrections file.

Requested files

The problem occurs also with colour images (haven’t checked yet if this is associated with instances where film rendering from DxO film pack is being selected).

Edit: even if colour rendering is toggled off the issue persists.

I have also submitted a support ticket, and I encourage everyone else who is affected to do so. This bug has rendered PhotoLab 6.9.0 unusable. I will have to roll back to a previous version. FWIW, I’m on an Intel MacBook Pro, macOS 13.5.1.

How can I get the file ?

( tried a lot of stuff – no difference )

@Wolfgang I just changed the root folder privacy. Can you try the link again and let me know if you can access the files now?

I verified that the bug is with the tone curve in 6.9.0 (in the Mac version, at least). I rolled back to 6.8.1, exported the same image as before, and this time the exposure of the exported image matched the exposure of the preview in PhotoLab. With 6.9.0 the exposure was much darker, despite the exposure being raised with the tone curve, and toggling the tone curve on and off in 6.9.0 made no difference in the exported image. If you’re on a Mac and haven’t yet upgraded to 6.9.0, I suggest holding off until another version is available.

@Drdul I have also submitted a support ticket with a link to this thread. How can I roll back to the previous version? I agree this bug has rendered this version unusable.

If you’re on a Mac the easiest thing to do is use Time Machine to roll back to the previous version. Go to /Applications, launch Time Machine and navigate back to a snapshot from 29 August or earlier. Select the DxO PhotoLab 6 app, verify that it’s 6.8.1 or a previous version, and then restore it. Open PhotoLab and enjoy a functional tone curve!

@Drdul Looks like I’m out of luck as I haven’t set up Time Machine so no previous backups to access. Let me know if you know of another way. Otherwise, looks like I am stuck until this bug is fixed. Thanks for the reply.