DXO Photolab v4.1


La version 4.1 vient de sortir.

•Version Windows

  • Amélioration de la DxO Colorwheel avec la possibilité d’afficher la zone de couleur sélectionnée
  • La fonction de renommage par lot rappelle les réglages précédents
  • L’option de comparaison prend désormais en compte la correction optique lorsque la géométrie est activée
  • Il est possible de télécharger le guide utilisateur au format PDF directement depuis le menu d’Aide

•Version Mac

  • Amélioration de la DxO Colorwheel avec la possibilité d’afficher la zone de couleur sélectionnée
  • Clarification des entrées affichées dans l’Advanced History
  • Ajout d’une fenêtre flottante pour afficher les propriétés de l’image

•Support de nouveaux boîtiers

  • Lumix S1H
  • Mavic Air 2
  • Nikon Z6 II
  • Sony A7S III
  • Sony A7C

•Correction de bugs

  • Bugs mineurs

PL 4.1.0: I don’t see any change in the use of the Colorwheel compared to before. What should the CTRL key (on Win) do? Maybe we need some explanation …

I had a hard time understanding :wink:
When you vary the colors by pressing ctrl DPL only displays the areas where the color is present.

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Okay, I see how it works. It’s like a “mask” that shades all the colors that are not involved. Merci pour l’aide.

There appears to be a couple of bugs with the colour wheel. See my message here

I’m using Windows 10 but I can’t seem to see a mask appear when pressing the “Control” key. What exact steps are you using ? I’m holding down the key whilst sliding the Saturation slider after selecting a colour using the pipette. The colour saturates but I see no sort of mask.

You need to click on the colour segment, not the sliders

Capture d’écran 2020-12-09 à 17.32.13

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On Windows 10, for the first time I got the Windows Defender warning that I had to override in order to install PL4.1. I never had this message with any previous installation (including the most recent PL4.0.2) release.

It worked earlier and now when I vary the color wheel nothing happens, only the color zone is selected.
On the other hand without pressing ctrl it works the colors change

I have this message all the time

I got it, too. Windows “Smart Screen” sure was aggressive this time around, making it a chore to keep the installer from being deleted after download, and then trying to stop it again when I run it - even after I reported DxO as safe. :unamused:

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I did the following, on Windows 10, and can see the mask.

  • Using the HSL tool select a colour range - either by selecting one of the 8 colour ranges with coloured circles at the top of the control panel, or by enabling the dropper and selecting (i.e. clicking with it) on the image.
  • Press the Ctrl key and while keeping it pressed select the circle of the colour range handle and keep the left mouse button pressed.

This results in the main image becoming a greyscale one other than in those areas containing the colour selected colour range.

You can toggle repeatedly between the full colour display and the greyscale / colour range display either by selecting / unselecting the colour range handle while keeping the Ctrl key pressed, or releasing and re-pressing the Ctrl key while keeping the colour range handle selected.

Unfortunately, while the greyscale / colour range display of the image is active you can’t then adjust the saturation / luminance / uniformity sliders to see their impact as to do so you have to release the selection of the colour range handle - at which point the display reverts to full colour.

I think an additional enhancement to the HSL would be to allow the greyscale / colour range display to be toggled on and stay on while making changes to the Saturation / Luminosity / Uniformity of the colour range - with the effects of any changes reflected in the image display.


Paul, thank you very much for the steps on how to get this to work. I tried everything I could but failed you hit on the combination you mentioned here. Thank you very much.


Thank you Joanna and Paul, I’ve tried it out now that you’ve explained how. Unfortunately while this new update now links directly to the PDF manual via “Help” it only has the same manual as the one I’d already downloaded to my iPad the other week, and so doesn’t cover this new feature. Fortunately this forum is full of really helpful people.


Is it just me or has anyone else using the Windows version of PL 4.1 noticed a small performance improvement?


Hmm, it did take me a moment to understand.
my old selection way:
click for video.
This works quite intuitive and selective, Use this methode also for masking and controlpoints.
There new function.
click here for video
I can see it’s purpose and it has some other aproach of showing selection.
main “pain” is holding CRTL and left mouse click it cramps the fine selection modes of mij selection. a toggle on toggle off would make it more easy to use.

or hoover there is a detection because the pointer changes to hand and point:
So “CTRL + hoover for hand” would be sufficient as selection action.
other issue is when i click left mouse i initiate “dragging” so i change position of the mask on the colorwheel. unintended not very nice if my carefully placed colormask is replaced.

So personally good add but “CTRL and hoover hand” to activate the “grey mask” would be much better as control. and if i need to adjust leftclick mouse (grab selection) over that.

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In Colorwheel, you choose a color that you want to change, say the green of the grass in a landscape, and you move a little bit one of the wheels with the handle while pushing the CTRL key, the spectrum of the chosen color is shown while the other colors are grayed. After that, you can intervene on saturation, luminance or change color (outer wheel). This is not directly related to the pipette that is used to choose a color.
I have not yet discovered what this new tool can be used for, other than to choose a color correctly.
Maybe others will have good ideas about it.

Bonjour Paul,

Do you know when the Sony ZV-1 will be added in the Compatibility list for DXO Photolab?

I need to use my prefered Photo soft with my DJI Mini2 pictures too ^^… Do you have any information about theses two cameras?

Merci d’avance :wink:

Thank you Andre🙂

I wouldn’t see the value of this: When I make modifications I need to see how they blend in with the rest of the image.

For the selection the new grey mask is definitely a good thing: No work around with saturation/luminosity required anymore!

I have noticed that a significant effort has been made about the formatting of the PDF file. Not perfect but much better. Appreciated. Still more issues in the French file than in the English file, though.

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