DXO Photolab v4.1.1


La version 4.1.1 vient de sortir.

•Version Windows

  • DxO Colorwheel : Le texte contextuel pour afficher la zone de couleur sélectionnée dans la fenêtre principale a été revu

•Version Mac

  • DxO Colorwheel : Le texte contextuel pour afficher la zone de couleur sélectionnée dans la fenêtre principale a été revu

•Correction de bugs Windows

  • PhotoLab ne quitte plus inopinément lorsqu’on effectue un renommage par lot alors que l’application est en langue japonaise, allemande ou française.
  • Correction d’un bug qui faisait quitter l’application lors du choix de police pour le filigrane sur des écrans haute définition
  • L’application ne quitte plus lors de l’utilisation d’un filigrane dont l’image est sur un disque externe et non disponible
  • Le rendu couleur de Nikon D850 est à nouveau disponible
  • Bugs mineurs

•Correction de bugs Mac

  • L’outil de comparaison ne montre plus une image de référence sur-saturée
  • Les fichiers sidecars suivent désormais correctement les fichiers sources lors de déplacement entre le filmstrip et un dossier dans le Finder
  • L’application ne quitte plus inopinément lors d’export vers Mail
  • La pipette de teinte de l’outil HSL échantillonne désormais correctement les couleurs en cas de recadrage
  • L’affichage des entrées groupées de la DxO Advanced History a été corrigé
  • Le trackpad permet à nouveau de faire défiler verticalement la fenêtre principale
  • Bugs mineurs

Not yet available for Mac

Happy are you.
This update is only useful against Windows bugs :frowning:

Hey, we Maccies have a few bugs of our own that need fixing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The change to the show range text in HSL is better now since it only appears when you have selected a range with your mouse. but the “Hold ‘Ctrl’ to show selected range” text is greyed out and hard to see. Its not a problem for those of us who know how the tool works, but the greyed out text may confuse people new to the feature. A brighter and more obvious display of that text is called for.



In my german version, the “greyed out and hard to see text” is only shown, if I already press Mouse or CTRL+Mouse in new “finger”-mode. -strange
Why does it appear simultaneously with the “finger” and than “CTRL”+Mousclick.

Good morning @wilsberg,

  • Could you, please, double check? The text should appear as soon as you select the color and start dragging the inner or outer ring.

Svetlana G.

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Come on guys, just put a checkbox in for “Show selected Colour”. No need to reinvent the wheel.


Agreed. Because you can also need to use the Cmd key to change the size of the pipette and the Alt key to zoom, this soon gets to be a difficult dance of fingers on the modifier keys. Having a steady state without having to maintain pressure on the Ctrl key would be much easier.

Don’t forget to vote for a check box :smiley:

I’ve just installed 4.1.1. My recollection is that the text “Hold ‘Ctrl’ to show selected range” was always visible prior to 4.1.1, whereas now it only appears when you have a) selected a colour range and b) selected one of the handles on the colour wheel. This makes it hard to discover the feature as it is quite possible that after selecting a range you simply modify one or more of Saturation / Luminance / Uniformity without ever selecting a handle - in which case the text would never appear. To me, this further strengthens the argument for a toggle on / off check box.


Totally agreed. This question of “discoverability” is not something a user should have to deal with; things should be obvious.

It can be nice to discover an unadvertised (good) behaviour when you are an experienced user but, for the newbie, it is just one frustration after another.

If I may, I’d like to link this issue to the removal of expand/collapse arrows on palette items. They don’t even have to be functional but, how on earth is anyone new to “know” that clicking on the palette item’s title is what you have to do? Yes, that works for palettes and that is “unadvertised” but, at least, you also have the option on the hamburger menu as well if you can’t discover it.

Please DxO don’t hide any more visual clues. Developers and experienced users might not need them but new users need all the help they can get.

No UI is perfect and with the release of a new UI teething issues are expected.

I would like to thank the UI guys for the new Photolab UI. I think it is superb and, in my opinion, the best UI out there at the moment. I say that as no DXO “fan boy”, C1 is my main editor :slight_smile:

I see what the guys are going for with the UI and keeping it “clean” and appreciate that. There is room for a “Show Mask” radio button in the channels row, a white circle with grey inner circle :slight_smile:

Opening the panels by double clicking the header is a good UI element as it dispenses with the unnecessary indicator arrows, and just needs documenting. The balance between UI and UX is always tricky.

Except, at least on a Mac, it only takes a single click. As I mentioned, at least with the panels/palettes, you do have a hamburger menu if you don’t discover the click behaviour.


On Mac it’s a single click on panel title which expand/collapse it.
Previously this was activate/deactivate the panel. Now we need to toggle on/off the switch. Obviously this is the purpose of this switch, so good. But with a pencil on a tablet it was easier to click on the title to do that…

Why do an action with a double click when one click is enough?
The current operation is appropriate, it would be enough just to put back the small arrow to signify the opening / closing of the tools.
It’s just visual.

Added v4.1.1 update for Mac in fisrt post

Yes Joanna, it’s single click on PC. It’s the lockdown in the UK, it’s addling my brain :slight_smile:

Sorry. Yes Frank, as I said to Joanna, it’s single click on PC. It’s the lockdown in the UK, it’s addling my brain :slight_smile:

Hello Svetlana,
that’s what I meant: The text appears if I either press only the mouse or together with the CTRL-Key in the selected color.
But its no hint, if I don’t klick into the selected color.
Why not only a button I can see the whole time?

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I’ve just downloaded 4.1.1 and my (Windows 10) machine won’t let me install it - apparently Microsoft think it’s unsafe. I appreciate it might think it’s ok again in an hour’s time. There’s a link to the Microsoft website where you can report the fact that you think the file’s safe and I’ve done that.

But if the issue persists, then DXO may need to take it up with Microsoft.