DXO Photolab v4.1.1

For some time I had this warning.
Now I run the install with a right click and “Run as administrator” and I have no this problem :grinning:

Win 10 / PL4.1.1_4479

Did anybody try to pull the colour range, while toggling the control key? Maybe DxO had this in mind.
have fun, Wolfgang

Holding the CTL key works for all the sliders, in windows at least.

For new users, I agree too … a regressive change.

On the other hand, the masking effect/result does seem to appear faster that it did in the previous version (or, perhaps I’m just imagining this ?)

John M

Yes, I just forced Windows to accept that it was ok to run the file and install PL 4.1.1. I just wanted to ‘flag up’ the issue.

Well, it works with the colour wheel and its ‘sliders’ – see description in ? / help.

After playing around again, I suggest to extend / add functionality and to include Saturation, Luminance and Uniformity sliders.
Then toggling control while pulling the sliders, these adjustments would also be more obvious.
have fun, Wolfgang