DxO Photolab 6 out!

Wow. They just sprung it on us :slight_smile:


I just downloaded Photolab 6.

Highlights of new items:

  • DeepPRIME XD noise reduction
  • DxO Wide Gamut color working space
  • New ReTouch tool
  • ReShape tool with DxO ViewPoint 4 installed

For 99 euro upgrade price I don’t think so!

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Wait for Black Friday


Does anybody know more about this new feature, as in what exactly is this new working colour space? Is it something unique to DxO, i.e. something they’ve devised or is it an established, recognised, space like ProPhoto?

I have just downloaded the software and will be looking at it today and tomorrow.

My main interest is the claimed improvement over DeepPRIME named DeepPRIME XD. More here -

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I don’t know why this forum converts my links to the French version.

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It’s pretty dramatic.

  • Jon

Both DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD now feature 2 extra fields - Dead pixels and Noise model. I need to find out what they are about.

Still no support for HEIC files or iPhones more recent than the X.

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Wide Gamut can’t find any way of setting it as default, with my setup using a laptop used for initial weeding and editing when away it makes sense to use classic and on the desk PC High but it looks like I either have to create a new default preset and use it with both or? It defaulted to Classic on existing imiges which isn’t surprising but on some new ones it still did so with no way I can see other than creating a preset to get it to do so. But so far on the few I have ud-sed I fail to see as with DeepPRIM XD any diffrence

My upgrade price is ÂŁ199 (PL Elite). That is a ridiculous price even if I am coming from version 3 from the perspective of the upgrade. I do have a gift license for V5 but that does not count re upgrades. I certainly will not be paying that. Bring VIewpoint into the mix and it is even more ludicrous.


I agree with earlier comments regarding DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD - not seeing any difference on the couple of images I tried. But then, I don’t want to jump to conclusions after only a few minutes of play.

As you might already know, you have to export your work in PhotoLab in order to see the effects of any PRIME noise reduction, including DeepPRIME vs. DeepPRIME XD.

DeepPRIME XD does have improved color and detail over DeepPRIME - but you won’t always notice it.

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Do you install over PL5 or into a different directory?

Installing PL6 won’t overwrite PL5, PL4, etc.


@Egregius Thanks. So, I assume all settings will have to be recreated?

I have done that with a range of images from 100 to 6000 and see no difference?
I have seen if you change from classic to Wide gambit the hysterogram moves a lot but fail to see any change and this is on a AdobeRGB calibrated BenQ monitor.

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I feel like today is April 1st and it’s some kind of joke.

If that’s all the improvements - I’m disappointed!


On win version, CTRL + ALT + 0-7 keys to add color tag not working for me ?