DxO Photolab 6 out!

I wonder if the Mac version now supports Apple Silicone natively or whether it still runs with Rosetta 2.

No, PL6 can automatically import most settings from PL5. Just watch out that you can see the new features if you use a custom workspace.

Although some of the improvements require a ViewPoint 4 license, I think there’s much to like in PL6 as it is. DeepPRIME XD is a huge improvement for shadow details, noisy areas, and out-of-focus areas. The wide gamut working color space can give much better results if you have a RAW image with very saturated colors. (I’ve tried it.) The repair/clone tool is improved. Soft Proofing is finally included (though the paper and ink matching part is “coming soon” according to its adjustment palette). There might be more - I think it’s worth taking time to try it out.

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PL5 has been updated with native Silicon support, so PL6 should be a native app as well. Did you check the trial version?

The new Retouch tooling gives you much more control over your repairs. The ability to mirror and rotate your masks is a great addition in my opinion, making complex repairs a lot easier.

Furthermore, what @Egregius says. Just try DP and DP XD on a very high noise image and compare the results

Oh - the Perspective adjustments no longer require a ViewPoint license. I’m not sure that’s very clear in the new product information online, but that is indeed the case. I think Volume Deformation still needs ViewPoint, though.

DeepPRIME XD does not support Fhujifilm RAF yet. Ricoh DNG works well with DeepPRIME XD. I‘m happy with the improvement.

Noted, thank you. Was wondering as my Mac Studio arrives tomorrow…

Cool - DxO created a comparator! We can compare the features of different versions of PhotoLab and even OpticsPro.

Why upgrade? - Compare your version - DxO

As a wedding photographer, in very low light, I think that Deep Prime XD creates way more artefacts on the faces than Deep Prime. Disappointed for now, it harms more than it helps. I will have to do more tests, but I don’t think that I will use it in my workflow. However it’s indeed nice for other textures and the luminance noise is even better corrected than Deep Prime, while maintaining more details. But on face / skin ? It’s a no go for me.

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Good point. I’ve seen DeepPRIME XD do a better job with faces, but sometimes the result is worse. Good thing we can still use older versions of PRIME or try local adjustments to make things look better. If only noise reduction could be suppressed locally.

Thanks for soft proofing :+1: even though I had a crash on my MBAir when selecting a paper profile. But after the next restart it worked without any problem. By selecting Soft Proofing you got a short info box Proof-Preview that disappears. The only hint that you are in the soft proof mode is the white background. But if you are in a zoom modus ???
Noticed actually by selecting a new toll or any other work the info box comes for a few seconds again.
I would prefer a permanent info when in soft proof mode

Pitty some rotation with the Retouch tooling isn’t there thats the main problem I always find I need

I like the ability for subprojects. Maybe a small feature but I was actually looking for it recently as I’m editing a set of photos from the same shoot but with different subjects/days. Now I can simply create a main project for the shoot and several child projects for the days.

That is something of an understatement. The repair clone tool, now renamed to Retouch, is a major step forward and I don’t believe any other software has a similar mix of features.


I still can’t see iPhones being officially supported. The issue was already addressed to support in version 4. And in the forum the topic is also discussed and put as a feature request.


DeepPRIME XD - Not available for this camera body
My camera: Fuji XT-3
Does this mean again that you have to hope for version 7.
And so many feature requests ignored, it’s hard to believe.

Is it as powerful as Affinity Photo or Photoshop inpainting tools?

I haven’t been able to find anything to do with soft proofing, looked at the manual and can’t see anything in the printing where is it? Or is this jet another divergance between Mac and Windows?

This is disappointing.

What sort of rotation are you suggesting is not there? With a new tool you can increase or decrease the size of a mask, modify a mask after the fact by adding or subtracting parts of it, resize, rotate, and mirror reverse masks and draw a single mask with non-contiguous areas. I’m not aware of any other similar software that has all these features.


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