DxO Photolab 5.2.2 for Mac Crop size tool does not work until size drop down is selected

When cropping and image and entering crop mode the first time the crop size does not use the last selected crop size in the crop size dropdown on bottom left of image display. The last selected size shows up correctly in the size drop down but the actual crop size still defaults to the original image size.

To activate the selected crop size one has to reselect the crop size from the drop down list.

Please can you fix this so that the crop size will default to the most recently selected crop size.


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The problem is, I, and others would prefer to have it as it is. If you want to stand any chance of this happening, you need to create a feature request and it can be voted on.

I find it hard to believe anyone would want the actual crop area to be different from the crop ratio that is displayed in the crop selector. I have no words.

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Yup, I’ve noticed the same bug. It is pretty unlikely that this is an intended feature.

Phew - at least two of us :sweat_smile:


Hi @duncang ,
Thanks for your feedback. What you and @Grebstad have reported looks exactly as a bug!
This has been reported to our teams.


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BTW, I am not entirely convinced that the crop selected for image A should be automatically transferrred to image B when clicking B for editing for the first time (in most imaginable use cases I can come up with). I cannot quite understand why this would make any sense at all.

I don’t mind if it remembers the crop ratio between images but not the actual crop size/position. Copy and paste the settings for that.

I would like the ability to quickly copy and paste just the crop and separately just the colour/exposure/NR. Annoying to have to select the options each time.

A right click on the image which will give access to a copy/paste only for cropping for example.
Or on the reframing icon, a right click that will give the option of copy/paste.
Or in the crop settings bar.
There is a lot of place where it would be possible to add it.

By default, the dropdown menu should open w/ the currently applied crop ratio, so:
• if the crop tool is opened on ‘Image A’ for the first time, the selected value in the dropdown should be “Original”
• if the crop tool is opened on ‘Image B’, which has already been cropped to a 1x1 ratio, the selected value in the dropdown menu should be “1x1”
• now, let’s imagine that the user opens the crop tool on ‘Image C’ (which has no crop applied yet), knowing that he just cropped ‘Image B’ w/ a 1x1 ratio, well, the selected value in the dropdown menu should be “Original”.


That’s exactly what I would expect and am getting

So what is wrong with the paste selected corrections dialog?



It would be much quicker to simply have a keystroke for pasting crop and another for pasting exposure/color/NR corrections.

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But what if I want to paste all sorts combinations of adjustments?

e.g. if I want to paste any 10 out of the 37 possible adjustments, there are 348,330,136 possible combinations.

How on earth do you ever expect to provide that many keystroke combinations?

Not forgetting that, in your example of Colour, there are 5 sub-adjustments that someone might want differently from you.

It’s overloaded (=overkill) for a simple “copy crop” action.
One can crop more than one imge by selecting all images to be cropped soon. The synchronous cropping works well, all I need to do afterwards is move the crop frame in each of them.

In C1 there’s a nice, tiny double arrow ⇔ which allows C1 users to select one image, edit the parameter, select more images and just copy only this parameter to the rest. Feels rather intuitive to me.

By allowing the user to add/edit the shortcuts he or she needs often. I find the PL shortcut of ⌘+⇑+c intuitive and easy to learn, so I changed it’s characters in C1 and use it there as well.

I would dislike if a developer expects me to learn his decisions for shortcut-combinations for rare commands by heart. I prefer to be able to set up a couple of often used helpers by myself.

Confirmed. I’ve noticed this recently too.

Where do these bugs come from? It doesn’t seem this is functionality that would have been touched in the 5.2 build, yet here it is with a defect.

This remains my major complaint about PL5, which is otherwise an excellent tool, but its paper cuts are really becoming an annoyance.

It should remember what you chose last time, and offer that by default. If you want something different, one click restores the standard selection.

??? So how can it also show the current crop?

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I quoted you to show I was writing about the ‘paste selected corrections dialog’, not the crop setting itself. I should have made it more clear, sorry.

Question: So what is wrong with the paste selected corrections dialog?
Answer: It should remember what you chose last time, and offer that by default. That’s what is wrong with it.

Ah. Sorry for the mix up.

I would say that is going to possibly include adjustments from a previous copy/paste here some of those adjustments do not exist.

It definitely needs arguing through.