DxO Photolab 5.2.2 for Mac Crop size tool does not work until size drop down is selected

Then use the dialog as you do now

Who said anything about providing keystrokes for every combination?

There is an option already to paste everything. Just add an option to past the geometry and one for all the exposure/color/NR adjustments.

That is a grand total of two (2) more.

Sure and if you were really smart you could even allow the user to customise as many keystroke options as they want by saving the selected options to a quick keystroke.

After all isn’t it all about making things efficient for the users ?

I’ve got to agree with Duncan here although on a slightly different level.

Keyboard commands/keystrokes in DxO are fairly ‘spartan’.

In A Perfect World In Which I Were Emperor, I’d be able to program keyboard strokes within DxO to execute menu-level and even move-a-slider commands beyond what a custom pre-set can currently do. I’d also like to be able to change default keystrokes to suit my ageing hands and to enable the use of custom keyboard and keypads.

I can kind of do all this with all kinds of system-level utilities, but having more flexibility within DxO for me to further semi-automate my workflow would be welcome.

Steven that’s exactly right. Anything else is just bad UI design. I still don’t understand why anyone else would ask for a different behavior.

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I don’t mind if it remembers the crop ratio between images but not the actual crop size/position. Copy and paste the settings for that..