DXO discounts: Discount coupon, promotional code

Nothing wrong in looking for a good deal. If you know of any codes to use when buying one of the fantastic DXO programs, please share them here.

Excellent idea! :grin: :ok_hand: I know one: ADS-05-20

Thanks Perfrode! :ok_hand: I just used the code to buy ViewPoint. :grin: Can’t wait to use it. I have to remember to leave enough air around the subject from now on… :wink:

DXO had Viewpoint on sale for $49,99 USD until April 26th, which was almost 40% off the full price.


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Just checked. Knocks ÂŁ10 off the price of Viewpoint (for example)

Appears to be an additional offer of 15% off NIK when you buy NIK at the same time

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The PhotoLab SUITE is available with a 30% discount…

I know… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I used too long time to decide what I wanted. I have Lightroom 6 with similar properties, but I figured that DXO ViewPoint would be easier to use instead having to go to Lightroom to correct. I guess I have the best from two worlds now :grin:

Yes, same deal for NIK. I am hoping for a better coupon to show up though.

Any discount is always good.

Last bargain was PL3 at ÂŁ50 and NIK at ÂŁ50 :smiley:

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“The PhotoLab SUITE is available with a 30% discount”… That is great! But what is the discount code? Is it only on a German site? I have a hard time finding PhotoLab SUITE on the DXO pages. I can only find: DxO PhotoLab, Nik Collection, DxO FilmPack, DxO ViewPoint

Seems to be automatic discount with no code needed according to this:

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Sweet deal! :smiley: Too late to grab that deal for me though :unamused:. Unless of course DXO gives the same deal for the programs I am missing. :kissing_heart: Which they will not, I suppose… :disappointed:

Indeed. I wouldn’t mind Viewpoint, but the reality is I can’t justify the price for the few occasions I do architecture and I already have PL 3 and Nik. Would need to be a serious discount for me to buy it.

I guess I could have managed without Viewpoint since I have LR 6. But “nice 2 have”, I guess.

It’s not just needed for architecture. Have you never taken a picture, especially at wide-angle, when you have converging verticals like trees, street lights, or distortion of any other objects at the extreme edge of the image? It sometimes seems that people are so used to seeing smaller degrees of converging verticals they don’t even recognize them as a distortion.


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Occasionally, yes. However I am now more likely to not use wide angles these days and go for stitching instead.

Its the odd single shot that can cause issues.

Mind you, I am using a Canon 80D at the moment, so even a wide lens isn’t that wide when the crop factor is added.

Might change my mind about Viewpoint if I buy the mirror-less EOS R…

Not all converging verticals are distortions. Sometimes that is the whole point of the picture. By the way: What is better with DXO ViewPoint compared to other programs that correct distortions, like LightRoom 6 for instance? I figure you have a good answer :hugs:

Even though you may use converging verticals creatively, if they are in your images but were not there when you looked at the subject with your own eyes, they are a distortion. Of course, fisheye lenses, exist to use their extreme distortion creatively.

Most often when I see converging verticals in images they were not left in for creative purposes, but because the photographer either lacked the tools to correct them, or was so used to seeing this distortion that its presence was ignored.

I was a very long-term user of Lightroom but stopped using it well over two years ago when I adopted Photolab 1 as my raw converter and processor. As a result, I can’t attempt a fair comparison between the Lightroom Transform panel’s functionality and Viewpoint. However, it’s irrelevant if, like me, you are processing your raw files in Photolab and want to apply perspective adjustments to them without resorting to alternative software. The one other big advantage of Viewpoint is that it can be run as a separate application by those who do not own Photolab. Lightroom, of course, does not provide Transform as a separate application.


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:+1: ViewPoint can be used from within PhotoLab.

:+1: I like ViewPoint’s and Lightroom’s four line tools because they allow me to “correct” distortions in ways that normal optical physics don’t allow (like slightly skewing an image to align verticals without rotation)

:+1: Lightroom’s line tools can fully adjust perspective using one “horizontal” and one “vertical” line, no need to set more that two lines.

:-1: Automatic corrections don’t work on all images (VP and Lr) something like this will derail both app’s tools:


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That is true. But sometimes distortions is what you want. Sometimes it is ok not to get rid of all distortions, it may be better to just modify them.