DxO deleted my pictures

I installed DxO Photolab on trial on my C: drive, restarted my PC and ALL my pictures are deleted from my D: Drive. ALL OF THEM.
Where are they? I cannot find them.

Hello and welcome.

PL by itself do not do anything to image files but depending on filter settings in PL or in Windows regarding permissions and white listing - photos might not show up in PL.

At which path was your photos stored?
What does the explorer show on D now?
How much space is used/Free?
Which application, if any, did you use before installing PL?

Yes, welcome, Peter.

Firstly, some reassurance; Installing PhotoLab would not have been the cause for your images disappearing … It simply does not work like that … It would need you to make an explicit choice to do so.

Required’s questions are a good starting point; Also

  • What software are you using to determine that “ALL your pictures have been deleted” ?

Come back to us with all the info you can gather - and we’ll do our best to help you.

John M

As stated. I was using the directory to edit pictures using PSCS immediately prior to this action.
I installed DxO. Trial.
DxO rebooted my PC then on reboot DxO came up ready to use.
I directed DxO to the D:Pictures directory, but it found no files.
I used windows to look in the Directory and it was empty.
It had been used not long before.
The ONLY change was to instal DxO trial software.
I downloaded Disk Drill to examine my PC and the files are still there, totally deleted.
I am a very experienced user. I have been using this setup for many years. I did NOTHING else.
The ONLY change was to instal DxO trial software.
No other directory appears to have been affected.

  1. Using photoshop on C:. Pictures stored in D:Pictures. Have been for many years. Nil issues.
  2. Instal DxO trial. 10 minutes after using ps accessing the pictures on D:Pictures
  3. DxO installed then reboots, then opens their program upon rebooting pc.
  4. Use DxO to open a pic, but cannot find any.
  5. Look in D:Pictures. It’s empty
  6. Download Disk Drill. Look in D:Pictures. All still there, but totally deleted. 2.7 tb of them.
  7. Currently recovering them.
  8. Uninstalled DxO trial.

Note I have used this process for many years. A check of the PC showed no problem. The only thing different was installing DxO.

Photolab does not cause your PC to reboot. You must have some kind of virus on your PC. Have you checked recently for malware?


Good suggestion, Mark.

Peter; from where did you download the PhotoLab trial software ?



What’s PSCS, is it Photoshop? Did you do anything to clear any libraries syncing with the cloud (or is that only in LrC?) - I remember deleting some files from the cloud and they were automatically deleted from the computer itself as well. Beyond that, I’m at a bit of a loss

I did a quick search for hacked patches of PL Elite, downloaded into my sandbox and ran malware analysis on them.
Really nasty stuff…

Really hope you did not got hit with these nasties.

There is no malware on my pc. Checked again after this incident.
I downloaded the trial software from DxO. WHEN YOUR SOFTWARE FINISHED INSTALLING, IT LEFT A MESSAGE TO REBOOT. So it does do that.
I am a long time Software and IT QA manager, and process auditor, and do understand what I do. I do know to check, to keep my pc clean and to trouble shoot.
The only thing I did different to my pc was instal DxO trial. I downloaded from the official site and followed instructions.
I had been using PSCS a short time earlier and the current setup has been in use a long time with no issues.
When DxO could not find pictures in my picture folder, I looked. The folder remained but the contents had been deleted AND THE ONLY MODIFICATION was DxO trial instal, following prompts.
I have removed the DxO trial. Rebooted. And am still sorting out the mess which was largely backed up to a NAS. But not completely…
It is easy for DxO to say not me, but I cannot see any other point of failure.

No, that isn’t true. You also rebooted your computer, and something happened during the process of shutdown and restart. A lot of things happen during reboots, including hardware and software failures, race conditions, the installation of Windows updates, and the running of undetected malware. The deletion of your image files surely wasn’t caused by the DxO software: I can’t fathom that being the case. As others have said, it’s very unusual to be asked to reboot following the install of PhotoLab. There’s some important piece of information missing here, so maybe look in the Event Viewer system and application logs and other OS components for a clue.

My guess is that the file system on your D: drive got corrupted, causing the directory index to lose track of your pictures. A disk check / scan of D: might fix it - or simply another reboot.

Please be aware that you are not communicating with DxO technical support here. This is a user community forum. Some very nice DxO staff participate, though. They help us and we help them. If you want a direct line with DxO tech support, go to support.dxo.com and scroll down the page. But I think you’ve already received good guidance here. Hope it all works out.


I had the original v6 do a reboot, on both PCs, as well and that was noted by others as well. So that isnt abnormal, no one has ever said why thr first v6 does it. But as said that shouldnt do anything to the data as you have to run program for it to acces and do anything to the data. I dont see how untill you run the program it woould know where the imiges where kept.

PSCS is Photoshop, I have used it for many years. I never synch with the cloud, do not use it. My ready use files have always been in D:Pictures for well over 10 years.
On a good note, I finally sorted out the recovery today for those files not backed up on my NAS. So nothing significant lost.


Good to hear you got them all back!

Have you had a chance to look at the logs and see what happened or triggered the disastrous events?

I no longer know which one of the 6.x versions asked me to close applications and then restart my PC.
I also confirm that it is something unusual.

After verifying it was the v6.1 See here