My v6.1 very slow

I just upgraded to v6.1 and since then my PL6 is very slow.
I noticed that the selection of my CG GTX1660S was no longer saved, It always comes back to automatic

So far everything was going well.

On my laptop which is old it does appear to be slower, but the desktop, so far, I haven’t really noticed anything. But 6.1 is a very confusing install, I have never had a PL install wanting to close other programs to install. When it failed to do so and asks you to close them it doesn’t say which ones at that stage. On my desk PC I didn’t notice that failing that it would reboot, which it did. On the laptop I watched better and closed the programs but task manager wasn’t listing them after so I had to reboot anyway.

Yes it’s the 1st time that I also had this at the installation.

On the other hand, the export seems faster to me.

It’s in the photo library that it slows down the most or as I navigate through image browser in the customize tab.

Luckily I use DAM so will avoid that improvement, I am pleased to say.

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With this v6.1.1 I still have this slowness in PhotoLibrary

I have the exact same problem browsing in the library has slowed down a lot. I wonder if it is possible to revert to the previous version.

Same here, spend more time waiting than working :frowning:

@David2, @Bonefish1
Before it worked well and the problem appeared with v6.1 ?

With this v6.2 I still have this slowness in PhotoLibrary.
What has changed between v6 and v6.1 ?

@staff Please please check this

After installing the V6.3 and disinstalled/deleted several times since this version doesn’t work, I reinstalled the V6.2 and this slowdown to disappeared.
Pending technical support responses for the v6.3, this V6.2 is working well again.

I specify that I had already made deletions/installations to try to correct this slowdown problem.

Everything came back to normal with this v6.3.1 I found a correct navigation in the image browser may be even faster than before.

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