DXO 5.5.81 & DXO on MacOS Ventura unusable - rendering withDeepPrime wrong Colors

Both latest versions from DXO 5 & 6 produce on MacOS Ventura rendering to jpg, tiff…wrong colors if deep prime ist enabled.
Tested on Max M1 and MacBook Pro 16 M1 Pro.

It seems that color rendering on Monterey is ok. On Ventura both 5/6 are unusable.

DXO 6 no denoise

DXO 6 DeepPrime

DXO 6 DeepPrimeHD

DXO 5 no denoise

DXO 5 DeepPrime

Link to gallery: Gallery

Did a fresh Monterey install today and tested color rendering from DXO 5/6 with and without denoising.
Seems colors are correct.

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…probably the same issue as mentioned here:

Anyway: Welcome to the forum, @tomgadd

This is a bad bug. Both Deep Prime and Deep Prime XD are unusable on Ventura. Fortunately I am only on a trial version, but hope there will be a fix before the trial period ends!

Same problem here on MacOS Ventura/MBPro M1 - DeepPrime changes color tint towards to yellow/greenish and Deep Prime XD renders it magentish.

High Quality (OK)

Deep Prime

Deep Prime XD

The temporary fix is to switch to CPU in Preferences. This was discussed on another thread on the same topic. It’s a lot slower but it does render the colours correctly. I believe DxO are aware of the bug and will correct it in the next update.

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