DXO 5.1.2 Crash on Launch (no Window Appears) OSX/MacOS 12.3

Hi There,

today I noticed a strange behaviour with my PhotoLab 5.1.2. It crashes on launch with not displaying any windows and hangs in unresponding infinitely.

I am on OSX 12.3 (21E230) (yes technically it was/is a beta build but it the GM). Yesterday I used everything without problems even with eGPU. Today this happened. I already read the two similar sounding threads but those are on a different OSX Version.

I already downloaded the software again and “replaced” the app. which did not resolve the problem, but closing the lid of my MacBookPro 2016 did. With only one screen (external one) it works fine. Yesterday I also used it with the lid closed but with two external screens. Maybe this helps others.

From another thread - try disconnecting your internet before starting.

As said, fixed by closing the lid (reducing screen count, deactivating internal screen). Still tested your mentioned method from the other threads too, which also works.

Indeed, same problem as in DXO Photolab 5 hanging (MacOS).

We’re looking into this. Please refer to that other post for updates.