Duplicating an image

There is an issue with the duplicate image function (command-D). When you make a duplicate of an image, the second image does not appear. You have to quit PL3 and restart, and the duplicate image is there. Or multiple images are there, if you did it four or five times wondering what happened.

This issue was a problem back in PL2. It was eventually fixed and I didn’t see it for a long time. It appeared in one of the recent builds of PL3, then it disappeared, but now it’s back again.

This is in 3.1.0 build 29.

Hello jwc,

I am on the same build as you and can not replicate this behavior. My virtual copies appear in the filmstrip. This is on HIgh Sierra, all updated.


Hi Sigi. Yes, it’s not happening now. The function is working properly.

Sorry to have raised this but apparently it was my mistake – not sure how but it seems ok.

Actually this is not resolved, but hard to reproduce unless you know the circumstances. See PhotoLab Bug! Virtual copies do not update film strip
The issue is reproducible, also in on MacOS, if you start Photolab by “Open with…” from Finder. I had the same in PL1 also.