PhotoLab Bug! Virtual copies do not update film strip

This is a major breaking change, but it also seems to happen intermittently.

In the editing view, if you create a virtual copy, nothing happens, so you do it again few times to see if it will work the next time - it doesn’t appear to.

If you then change to another directory and come back, you see several virtual copies have been created.

So, you multiple select all the superfluous copies and delete them. This then changes all the thumbnails to show an icon indicating that the image can no longer be found.

Once again, changing to another directory and returning “deleted” these false “files”

This is an urgent regression and needs fixing as a priority.

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Additional information…

This seems to happen if you “open with…” from Finder or other external software that “sends” the file to PhotoLab.

If you open PhotoLab, then choose an image, everything seems to work normally… so far :wink:

This seems to be totally reproducible and, even if you change directories after having opened PhotoLab from a file in Finder, whichever directly you move to the virtual copy bug continues to manifest itself.

To repeat myself, if you open PhotoLab before selecting an image, everything appears to work fine.

Hello Joanna,

I just tried to replicate your problem and can not. I am on High Sierra, updated, DPL same version as yours. My steps are:

  • Open Photo Supreme
  • select a file and open this files with DXO from within Photo Supreme
  • create a virtual copy

everything works as expected.


Hmmm. Curiouser and curiouser.

  1. Is PL already open when you “transfer” the file from Photo Supreme?
  2. Does it make a difference if you do this when PL is not yet open?
  3. I am running Catalina
  4. I get the same thing on another machine under Mojave

This made the difference.

  • when DPL is already open everything works fine coming from Photo Supreme
  • when DPL is closed I can replicate your behavior.


Just confirmed, if PL is already open, sending a file from Finder doesn’t cause the problem.

It seems restricted to solely if PL is not open and you send a file.


Bug bounty :crazy_face:


I had this issue in PL1 already but could never reproduce it. Now I understand why!

It would be great if someone from DxO could replicate this bug (easy), confirm here and then we can hope for a fix. It becomes annoying since I usually start PL from FastRawViewer and then have to restart always to work with duplicates.

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Many thanks for the detailed investigation! We’ll look into fixing that one for one of the next versions!

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OK, we finally managed to get to it. We have reproduced the issue and the fix is under validation right now. It should be available in the next version.

As you have seen when looking for various cases, it only fails when PhotoLab was not launched and you start it from another app (Finder or otherwise). So for now, if you want to go around it, you can launch PhotoLab first then do the Open With, and that should do the trick.