Dop deletion removel not fixed (for me)

I asked with 2.3 release “Great, how (except by not getting any dop’s not left behind ever)do I tell if the bug fix to some not being deleted has been included? I was told they had found a number of causes and they might be more, with out knowing if the fix in in 2.3 I will not know if there is indeed still a problem rather than just unfixed!”
I never had a reply (the problem of bug foxes not being listed or information being passed back!
Well I have just found a bunch of undeleted dop’s, I have no idea if they are out side of the problems fixed or that nothing was actually in the last build. These have been a miner problem for years, with varying responses from nothing to do with DXO (from support at one time) to we have a fix (well if so its not working if there one). Was the fix in 2.3 and if so do I need to yet again open a support ticket?

Hello John,

This fix was tested by the beta testers who had the same problem and we received the confirmation that it had been fixed. The fix will officially be released in PL 2.3.0.
Please, wait a bit and then do the tests.
If it happens that your case is not fixed (you remember it was very tricky to reproduce it), please, attach the logs here as soon as you get the issue.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.


Thanks, I had been told it was to be in the 2.2.3, then after I asked I got no response. It would really help if releases had a proper bug fix list to overcome this sort of confusion.

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