Does PL3 support / allow IPTC Metadata?

I am trying to find out if and where PL3 supports / allows for inputting of IPTC Metadata.

Can someone help me with this please. I can’t fiund anything in help.


As far as I know keywords are read but not written in the iptc section when exporting the image.
Use an image browser like IrfanView, edit the iptc section, open it in PL do some editing to force an export and look again in the image browser.


Unfortunately not, only keywords for it’s own database. It would be a great progress if we could do that!

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Yes it would then enable keywords to be passed and recognized by other programs. Also you cannot write to a RAW file so keywords would have to be written to a side car file for raw files and again when exporting, or even saving, moving to another program for DAM, e.g. ACDSee, those keywords side car or not, don’t get picked up by the other programs.

It seems I’m the only one writing keywords directly to the raw file. PL reads these keywords and is copying the existing iptc section to the jpg file, both to jpg and tiff. But it doens’t alter that info, in PL added keywords are not added to the iptc section.
PL does add keywords in the xmp section on exporting: both keywords from the iptc section and newly in PL added keywords.
When using a program be aware where the keywords or other info is extracted from: iptc or xmp.


@George, you are not alone! I use Geosetter (working with the great ExifTool) on my Windows system for writing all IPTC data direct into the RAW file. It would be nice, if PL3 could do the same, so I could add some keywords or descriptions while I’m editing the file in PL3.


Glad to know I’m not alone.
If PL used a good program design this kind of additions couldn’t be difficult.


being able to pass keywords from one program to another would be most helpful, especially when using another program for DAM… should be able to add KW whenever and wherever you are working and once entered, should be available to all programs. Gee there’s a standard that could be made to move away from proprietary locations into a standard location accessible by all photo SW. IPTC is supposed to allow this for RAW images as well as JPG but if PL doesn’t support it forces one to seek other SW that will allow metadate input at the time of editing an image. Perhaps this can be addressed in a near future release.

Thanks for all your feedback folks.


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DxO verändert prinzipell keine RAW-Dateien, da ist es nur konsequent keine Schlüsselwörter in die RAW-Dateien zu schreiben. Die Schlüsselwörter werden dafür in die exportierten Files geschrieben. Allerdings sollten die Schlüsselwörter in den DOP-Dateien gespeichert werden und nicht in der Datenbank.

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In principle, DxO does not change any RAW files, so it is only logical not to write keywords in the RAW files. The keywords are written in the exported files. However, the keywords should be stored in the DOP files and not in the database.

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PL is adding xmp data to the exported jpg or tif. Why no iptc data. It would be a beginning.


Some clarifications are needed here, I think.

PL3 does not modify the original files. It does read keywords from the files, and you can add to these in the application, but the complete set is stored in the PL3 database.

When you export an image (e.g. as a JPEG) all of the keywords are written into the resulting file.

Now, I do not know how all this applies to IPTC vs EXIF, but I do know that keywords I add in Lightroom and write back into my DNG files there are all seen and exported by PL3.

I use Photo Mechanic for all metadata and found it fully comprehensive for ALL metadata as well as everything else for managing your photos.

The new Photo Mechanic Plus is due out soon and will be a full DAM but you can still use it for managing files outside of a DAM database.

That’s written in the xmp section. They are not written in the iptc section and that’s where they should be.


Raw file only exif.
Sidecar xmp newest type, holds keywords and iptc data ,i use bridge for that.
Dxo read and stores it in the internal database. Any changes made inside DxO are stored in th DB NOT changed inside the XMP-file.
When you hit export for tiff or jpeg (or dng i think) all exif iptc/xmp data is written inside the properties of the export file.

So use a external xmp iptc keyword handler to change things and your save. The DB is ony for quick read after indexing. Maybe this changes in the near future.

But not in the iptc section.


Ok, i need to check that. Windows sees all my entries in the properties.

Try Irfanview.
When checking via windows I think you see the xmp values. They’re called labels. The iptc name is keyword.


I don’t transport the xmp-file with the jpeg. I have those only sidecared with rawfiles and mpeg sourcefiles
I check with SP, FSIV, Bridge. Don’t have infranview.
See if it’s placed in the right spot.

How do you do that? I think that’s part of the exif choise in the export dialog.
You can extract the iptc also with exiftool. And the xmp too.


i ment xmp-file.

made some changes in Bridge IPTC section.
and when i open the new jpeg all info is there:

Feel free to examen the file yourself.