Does PL3 support / allow IPTC Metadata?

The last image doesn’t contain anything, no exif,no iptc,no xmp.


maybe the upload delete that.
I wil make a link tomorow.


edit: _1010240_iptc test.7z (232,3 KB)
if this doesn’t work i give you a link. (extract it and see if it’s there.)

It does contain xmp values but no iptc.
Be careful with translations. In iptc it’s called keyword, in xmp it’s called label. PL reads keywords but write labels and they are referred to as keywords.

PL just doesn’t write iptc.


Ok, understood. Why is Adobe Bridge view those entry’s as iptc data?
Ok it’s stored in a xmp file so pl reads that from xmp. But it’s requocnised by bridge after export by pl as iptc values.

I don’t know about Bridge.
You can use ExiftoolGui to look at the different data. It’s an old windows program and doesn’t work with win10.
Also Google on “iptc vs xmp”.


I just found another exiftool interface on the exiftool forum. It looks good and works with win10 and mac.

It shows the differences between iptc and xmp.


The way of linking is due to this forum software.

Is it any wonder stuff doesn’t work when we have XMP/IPTC/EXIF original/sidecar to death with?