Difference within Photolab and FilmPack using the same preset

Hi all,
I’ve noticed differences in using a filmpack preset in photolab vs using the same preset in the standalone filmpack app.

So for instance here I’ve reset the image in photolab and applied the “Dxo Standard” preset. Then I’ve opened the “Dxo FilmPack Time Machine” windows (from within photolab) and I’ve chosen “Fuji Velvia 100”.

In FilmPack I’ve opened the same raw file and I’ve chosend the “Generic Fuji Velvia 100” which is in the same “2000” section of the time machine

The colours are different, as you can see, is there something I should do to have the same results ?

I’d try to find presets that have the same name and see what they do.

Well, even if they have slightly different names, they should be the same thing: they occupy the same spot in the “2000” and, even though the label in photolab time machine window is just “Fuji velvia 100” when you select it in the Rendering select it appears “Generic Fuji Velvia 100” (the same name of the filmpack standalone app preset.

I mean even the images are the same

Try “DxO Optical Corrections only” instead.

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I have tried it (with dog on the grass), but switched off what the ‘DxO Standard’ introduced (Smart Lighting, Vignetting, Distortion, Lens Softening correction and Chromatic Aberration). No difference here with PL7.3/Win11. Probably comparing oranges and apples, especially if the crops above came from image boundaries. Smart Lighting and Vignetting can make significant difference.

Thanks, choosing Optical Corrections only seems to produce identical (or at least very similar) results.
I’ll stop using DXO Standard preset then.

Thanks again folks!

You have found the secret of DxO happiness. Never, ever, ever, use DxO Standard because it introduces things that make a picture 'look nice" to the average punter.

My default preset for RAW files is a modified version of the optical corrections only preset…

Optical Corrections only.preset (1,4 Ko)

Add this to your presets folder and select it as the default, it also includes DeepPRIME at default values.


Even with this preset you will see big difference, if shooting with lens wide open (Vignetting).
But the difference above was probably mostly due to Smart Lighting setting in the ‘DxO Standard’ preset.

There is nothing wrong with the DxO Standard Preset (or any other preset), just because you don’t like it or it doesn’t suit your workflow.

What is wrong with “the average punter”? All of the rules on composition are based on “the average punter”.

And what makes you think your happiness or a specific look that you like is universally applicable?

With “Optical corrections only” it is “No specific look” which allows you to tune your picture to whatever look you want.

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By default Dxo Photolab contains the color correction that are applied for each type of sensor. It is not surprising that you find a difference between DXO Lab and FimPack rendering.
If you prefer the FilmPack rendering, it’s better to set “Optical correction only”.
But if you are searching for the “real colors”, the Dxolab rendering should be prefered to Dxo FilmPack’s one.

Thanks, I’m quite happy with the optical correction only, as I usually use one of the filmpack rendering, and also some of the corrections applied by the standard preset are a bit too much for my taste.

In any case is good to know how the program work, thanks you all!