Customize the splash screen?

I find the PL7 splash screen somewhat disturbing - do I really need to see smoke, vapor, exhalation whatever every time I launch PL? Thank you, no.

Is there any way to come up with a personalized opening splash screen?

I’ve also posed this issue as a PhotoLab feature request.

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Totally agreed. Yes it is possible, or at least, on macOS it is. It’s just a matter of replacing a couple of image files in the app bundle. The only problem is that updating tends to rest them.

I don’t think any Windows users have been able to repeat the trick though, see this topic:

After hunting through all the image files in the PL7 installation (jpg’s, png’s - an interesting exercise which suggested some possible changes for anyone interested in tinkering with the light flare effect, for example), it appears the startup splash screen is hardwired in the Windows version, probably embedded in a .dll, which can’t be casually tinkered with.

So much for that idea…