Copying files with metadata

What is the best method to transfer (copy) files processed with PhotoLab5 to another folder or an external hard drive for backup ?
I tried with PL. Some of the copied files are “complete”: GPS data, IPTC data, keywords. Others have lost (?) GPS data, others IPTC data, others keywords, or everything.
It’s a mess. It’s annoying and frustrating.

Assuming you are talking about RAW files, with XMP sidecar files, then just move or copy the XMP files as well as the image files.

And make sure the metadata is written out to the files before moving them, in case they only exist in the database.

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Could the OPs problems be related to issues discussed in this very long and somewhat confusing thread? PL5: Moving files outside PL loses corrections and more

Hello Andre,
if you do as Joanna described above you should not have any issues.
It works withouth problems.


These are, of course, RAW files.
Curiously, the transfer makes virtual copies, a little randomly, so not for all, while in the original folder there is no virtual copy. And these VCs include IPTC data and keywords.
The metadata was written to the RAW files before treatment.

Are you really sure that data was lost during the move or copy action?

One thing I have seen by myselves is that I sometimes has managed to get a virtual copy without metadata while the masters had it. The only answer to that I found was that I made the virtual copy before I added the metadata to the master instead of afterwords. If I added the metadata to the master in my external software before I opened it in Photolab and then made the virual copy there were no problems.

Just a thought.

Yes, the GPS, IPTC, KW data was written to the RAW files the first time the relevant folder was opened in the Photo Library. Afterwards, the files are processed and exported (first in “intermediate” TIFF format) to a specific folder. Note that the TIFFs have retained all metadata.