Copy paste Repair tool bug


Again copy paste gives wrong results between raw and tiff. Here it is about copy-pasting Repair tool.
see link below about copy paste crop.

Now to a raw image which too has rotations applied.
So is it so difficult to take care of transformations (you know, matrix, imaginary numbers, things like this !) when creating tools that applies on the surface of an image ?

My project is becoming a nightmare because of tools not finished.

Hope DxO staff looks at messages when bug tag is activated.

I think they do, but won’t necessarily reply here. My sympathy, but have you tried engaging support at Sorry to have to ask, but if there’s a backstory to your reports that might explain your derisive tone, I’m not seeing it.

Not derisive, frustrated and annoyed at being stuck with tools that don’t work the way they’re supposed to.
So much so that I wonder if developers really use their tools. On a daily basis.
Phototlab is a very good demosaicer, but for intensive use, too many small or not so small problems with “secondary” functions (after demosaicing) sabotage the workflow.

If I were DxO staff, I’d ask you to state

  • what you did, step by step
  • what you get vs. what you expect and add screenshots
  • what system and source material you tested with

While you did that with your crop bug, your current op does nothing that helps to find a solution imo.

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Same as Copy paste crop bug linked in the first post.

All is explain in this post. Related to rotations.

It is systematic. Happens everytime. Not hard to reproduce behavior.

I agree that you’ve demonstrated the problem sufficiently, and others have reproduced it following that process. I also agree that it’s something that should be fixed.

Copy paste crop bug again - #9 by sgospodarenko

I managed to reproduce your copy crop error and understand that this must be frustrating. Is it a temporary solution to create a virtual copy of the original RAW file and work with that?

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