Copy paste crop bug again


I already posted about that, and thought I could live with it.
But see below.
I have a raw file with rotation (this is probably where the bug come from). I make my crop, but render a tiff without crop in case I would like to change it later. (I do this first tiff step because I sometime make some other adjustments in other software).
Then I copy paste raw crop to Tiff file.

And look at the result (some people told me this is not a bug, but if not, I don’t know how to call this) :

Original cropped raw :

Pasted crop on Tiff :

I know, background is distracting, but this is not about that.

Can’t DxO do anything about it ?

Yes i have the same thing with images in portrait mode.
Either the crop has the same dimensions but is offset or elongated as in your 2nd image.

And I just noticed this :

If I clic on the crop tool icon in the tool window on the tiff with pasted crop (just a clic, no adjustment), the crop becomes instantly this :

And if I clic on the crop tool icon in the tool bar (just a clic, no adjustment), crop does not change and stays elongated !
Still not a bug ? Weird kind of normal behavior …


Crop 1

Crop 1 TIF

Crop 2

Crop 2 TIF

And I tried with preserve aspect ratio or with aspect ratio locked on 2/3 ratio and the same happens.

I’m sorry if I’m a little bit upset, but I’ve been betatester on 3d softwares that can lead to nearly unlimited combination of tools (really way far more complex at feature level than a demosaicer), and where it is really impossible for developpers when creating some tools to check every possible combination users can imagine (they have lot of imagination).

But here : 2 buttons, 3 kind of images. It is so simple to check ! No more than 15, 20 minutes to check all combinations. Not even need of betatesters to see this bug.
So how is it possible to release a tool like this with those kind of problems ?

Would really like to have an answer from relevant and concerned people.

then I’m out – sorry for that :frowning:

Yes, about 300 images to recrop.
And it takes long time to me when it’s about to decide how to crop …

And a pipeline that can’t work.

Good morning!

Svetlana G.

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