Copy/paste adjustments without Local adjustments

It would be nice if I could copy/paste adjustments (CTRL-SHIFT-C/V) without the Local Adjustments.

Maybe with CTRL-ALT-C/V?

I regularly have many photo’s of the same lighting conditions, but different compositions/viewpoints. Then I make basic adjustments and copy them to the set. But many times when I start detailed edits, along the way I decide the overall look should be different. I can’t copy that over again because I made Local Adjustments which will also be copied over and replace existing ones.

Ideal would be if I can copy the overal adjustments only, and paste them only. So not copying the Local Adjustments and also not pasting/deleting them on the target images.

regards, Frank

Hello @Frankster69,

This functionality will be available soon. So there is no need to spend votes for it.

Svetlana G.