Control points missing sliders in Viveza

Hi All,

After years of not using NIK I am finally getting back into photoshooting and editing.

In older versions if Viveza I could see individual sliders on each control point whereas on the latest version I can only see them on the right side. Is there a setting I am missing to get them back to underneath the control points? Also, in older versions there was a - (minus) control point that let me control where I do NOT want a certain filter or preset to work. I can’t seem to find these features on the latest version.

Am I missing this somewhere?

Hi Steffen & welcome to the Forum,

a lot has changed … while I still make use of the old versions → see (and further links).

have fun, Wolfgang

Is the latest version of the Viveza the sliders are no longer available on screen. You have to use the sliders in the right panel.