Compensation exposition with Fuji


Recent owner of a fuji X-T5, I noticed that for the exposition compensation provide only manual mode.
I saw a post in 2021 about this and I would like to know if this problem can be solved or if it is related to the technology used by Fuji.

Thank’s for your answers

I’m supposing this is the post you saw:

It seems this hasn’t changed yet. The ongoing suggestion is to use Smart Lighting instead for automatic adjustments. In fact, this is what I’ve been doing for quite some time with all of my RAW files (Olympus and Panasonic). The Exposure adjustment used to be more automatic than it is now: since that changed, I only make very occasional use of it and have come to prefer Smart Lighting for most images.

Thank’s for your answer.
Like you, I make occasional use of the exposure compensation in automatic mode , but as I said before I just get a new camera ( fuji) and I wanted to know why (simple curiosity).
Wait for the answer from the DXO team.

@Patounet as this is “only” a user forum with very rare interaction of DxO members with users of their apps, you need to ask DxO team directly and create a support case.

Yes, I have create a support case.
I will post the answser here.

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I have the answer from DXO support

In french
“Concernant la compensation d’exposition, il s’agit d’un comportement attendu dans la mesure où l’appareil n’a pas un capteur Bayer.”

Regarding exposure compensation, this is an expected behaviour as the camera does not have a Bayer sensor.

We need to use other tools like “smart lightning”.

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