Exposure Compensation Tool (Options grayed)

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I had PL 3 which I really liked for I used it minimally to just bring about the slightest adjustments I wanted. By then I had Nikon 5600. I jumped to Fuji, and I had to forget about it. Now that PL 5 supports fuji, I have the trial version trying to see how it renders fuji files.

So far so good! Just that I still have to learn to deal with highlights ( it is not as smooth as C1). The question is, in the exposure compensation tool, only the manual option is available. All other options (center-weight average, Highlight Priority (Slight, Medium, and Strong) are grayed out. Is this how it is supposed to be? Or am I missing something?

This may be because Fuji support is still in its beta phase.

Oh, maybe. Perhaps there are other fuji users who have experienced this problem. Thank you for the insight

Correct, it is grayed out. Beta only for the time being.

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Additionally, while DeepPRIME NR is available for xtrans files, PRIME NR s not. I presume PRIME support will eventually be added. As was pointed out, xtrans support, although stable, is still in beta.


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  • Yes, this is the limitation for Fuji cameras only. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s changed.

Svetlana G.

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Thank you for your response.

And since I reckon you are a DXO staff, would you also kindly consider including the film simulations in the DXO Photolab software? (not only in the film pack). I believe this should be the case as these simulations are already found in the cameras. You will also understand that other Softwares do offer them in their main packages. Many fuji users do like the simulations. Not including them may keep them from the software.

Thank you and pardon me if this is the wrong forum.

Keep in mind that every camera system has in-camera special effects features that are not supported in PhotoLab and most other raw processing software.

The film type emulations in Fuji cameras are special effects they provide for their JPEG shooters. Other camera systems like Nikon also have in-camera special effects, although they’re not based on specific film types. Nikon special effects are not included in Photolab or FilmPack or any other software I’m familiar with, except perhaps Nikon’s own proprietary NX Studio.

DXO markets it’s products in four different programs,. PhotoLab Elite, PhotoLab Essential, FilmPack, and Viewpoint. This was done to allow users some flexibility to select the features they need without purchasing things they don’t need.

FilmPack 6 Elite not only includes the Fuji film emulations, but close to 100 other film emulations. While Capture One may include them directly in their base software, keep in mind the cost of their software for a new user license is much higher than PhotoLab, unless you buy one of the versions geared towards Sony or Fuji only, which have a greater discount because of their camera-specific functionality.

The bottom line, is that if users want Fuji film emulations, or other film emulations not specific to Fuji, they will have to purchase FilmPack 6 Elite. It is unlikely that DxO will consider moving Fuji-specific film emulations from FilmPack 6 to PhotoLab 5.


ЗДРАВСТВУЙТЕ.Извините за вторжение.
Может подскажите в чем проблема?
Не работает автоматическая коррекция в Exposure compensation.Только Manual.
Всплывает информация-ваша камера не поддерживается.
Но в дхо оптик модули стоит информация что поддерживается.
у меня Fujifilm xe2.За информацию буду признателен.Вячеслав.
А от DxO Photolab 5.0 я в восторге!

Доброе утро и добро пожаловать на форум! :slight_smile:

Я очень рада, что вам нравится наш продукт. Что касается Exposure Compensation, это ожидаемое поведение для Fujifilm камер. Некоторые автоматические коррекции им пока недоступны (Exposure Compensation auto, Prime noise correction), но вместо Exposure Compensation можно использовать Smart Lighting.

С уважением,
Светлана Г.

For the benefit of others in the forum…

HELLO. Sorry for the intrusion.
Can you tell me what the problem is?
Auto Exposure compensation doesn’t work, only Manual.
The information pops up that your camera is not supported.
But in the optics module dho it says it is supported.
I have a Fujifilm xe2.
And I love DxO Photolab 5.0!

Good morning and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I’m very glad you like our product. As for Exposure Compensation, this is expected behavior for Fujifilm cameras. Some automatic corrections are not available for them yet (Exposure Compensation auto, Prime noise correction), but you can use Smart Lighting instead of Exposure Compensation.

Svetlana G.

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Приму к сведению.Спосибо за ответ.

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Приму к сведению.Спосибо за ответ.

I will take note of it. Thank you for your reply.

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