Compare Before/After affect of the HSL tool

The only way I knew to compare before and after affects of the HSL tool was to turn it on and off.

But I just discovered that if the eyedropper is selected then holding and releasing the Compare button works for showing the before and after affect of all changes made by the HST tool. Turn off the eyedropper and the Compare button does ALL affects.


Yes, this is a very handy tip. It works similarly for White Balance & Local Adjustments.

John M

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and without eyedropper the compare selection shows
and with eyedropper the compare selection shows
All corrections except HSL what in german means Alle Korrekturen auĂźer HSL

best regards

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I had not noticed that change in the drop-down!

Hi Keith,
and I did not recognise the connection with the colour picker :laughing:
Question : is the wording in english ok for you, because the except disturbs me a little bit.


Yes, “except” is correct; It means that the current image (inclusive of, say, HSL adjustments) will be compared with everything except the HSL adjustments … thereby allowing us to see ONLY the impact of the HSL adjustments.

John M

Dear John

thanks a lot for the idea…the FR is live :smile:

What I noticed by playing with the compare tool and the side by side preview.
If you take a photo, adjust one color by selecting one of the color channels and changing the color with the outer slider you are able to make a side by side preview

choosing the color picker the side by side view disappears, and the side by side button only has the function

Sometimes I feel tired of discussing the user interface :tired_face:

best regards


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I reckon that’s “by design”, Guenter. It seems inconsistent, but;

  • When the Colour Picker is NOT selected, the side-by-side comparison is available
  • When the Colour Picker IS selected, the Compare button operates instead.

I accept that this is exactly what you’re pointing out - but the “mode” is subtly different.


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Is it design follows function or function follows design or ???


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Thanks for the additional comments @Guenterm and @John-M. I have not looked in the manual to see if this is described there but it not then these little very useful features should be documented. Not sure who at DxO to ask.

Hi Guenterm,

which version are you using and is it Mac or PC? I am on Mac, latest PL4 and it looks totally different. Don’t get it working what your screenshot is showing.

This does also not work for me. When I click on the eye picker, the compare screen disappears and the other way round. Wondering how you all get those things to work.

In fact Guenterm, this is the behavior for any corrections with tool like WB and HSL pipette, Repair and LC masks.
While the tool is actived the default comparison is to “compare without only this correction”.
I would like to see it extend for almost all corrections.

Hi guys

I’m on Win10 20H2 Build 19042.746 and DPL 4.1.1 Build 4479
Here are the steps

-HSL Tool - Channel orange - click color picker
-click the little arrow right of compare

-click on split review or CTRL+T

Leave all as it is and choose locale Adjustments…the split disappears
-make for example a gradient in the right corner

-click compare selection arrow

-click split review and it looks like we expect

-deactivate the local adjustments button and click on side by side preview

And yes I know sometimes they call me sticky fingers :slight_smile:

Imagine the first time i got this side by side vs. splitscreen an don’t know why. I discussed it in an older thread, because there are also the differences with Nik

In my opinion if I choose side by side I will have it side by side independent from tool I have chosen before.
Ii I choose splitscreen i will have a splitscreen.
So now I have to take my pills against headache :hot_face:

best regards
I forgot…sometimes i have believed that the order how you make steps will affect how the compare behaves…but could not prove this

The reason this compare mode is possible for WB and HSL pipette, Repair and LA adjusts is that they exist in a temporary, “work-in-progress” state (that is; at the time that any of those tools is being used) … whereas, other tools are simply ON or OFF (they don’t exists in a temporary, “work-in-progress” state).

See here for Guenter’s suggestion to provide more comparison “snap-shots”.

Regards, John

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Hi Guenterm,

it looks like, this only works for Windows. For me this all is not working. Maybe somebody else on Mac can confirm it.

Hi @KameraD,

so sorry that I forgot to add my system information into my thread.

Did anybody know if its possible to bring the information about the system a forum member is using into the profile, so that it is automatically attached?

Nice weekend to all


Hi @Guenterm,
also have something else in the “self description” within my profile – visible with klick klick :slight_smile: .
Don’t know if it’s a good spot. A spare field next to the name would simplify …

Good suggestion, Guenter … I have done just that (albeit, manually) … via Profile / Preferences.


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Hi, I’m on PL7 (PC) version, and am looking for a way to have the “slider mode” instead of “side by side” when I’m clicking on compare. i can’t see the “slider” option… available only in full screen mode or when you have the color picker selected.
Is there a way to get the “slider” mode when you simply click on “compare” without having to go to full screen mode? (setting “slider” as default instead of “side by side”)
thanks a lot for your support.